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im 20 ma hgt is 5.7 & wgt 150 pounds i wanted 2 reduce atleast 20 pounds in 3 months plz temme sme way 2 reduce ma wgt esply i want 2 red

Qns. hi im amrita im 20 ma hgt is 5.7 & wgt 150 pounds i wanted 2 reduce atleast 20 pounds in 3 months plz temme sme way 2 reduce ma wgt esply i want 2 reduce m tummy

Qns. hi i m ash my age is 24 & my wt is 67 & ht is 5 5"..i want to loss my wt..i join still i am nt lossing wt ..plz help.

Ans. I have a single answer to both questions:

For Amrita and Ash
You both are of almost same weight.Amrita loosing almost 9 kgs in 3 months time would be very challenging for your body.I must know your body type, your activity levels and for how long you have been carrying this weight. If you want to have a diet chart and excercise then I 'charge' for all this coz i am a professional (nutritionist).Just saying few things here won't help your cause.Ash, please do brisk walking 3 days in a week and drink lots of water.In the gym, do more of leg exercises like leg press and squats (with weights).

i m 28. 5'2, 55kgs. i used to do some stretching, use the treadmill for atleast 10 minutes on 9.4

Qns. Let me also vent out. i m 28. 5'2, 55kgs. i used to do some stretching, use the treadmill for atleast 10 minutes on 9.4 and at 6 for 5 mins,8 incline. then 10 mins biking. 5-8 mins moonwalking and some weights sometimes. followed by swimming for 30 minutes. i lost 2 kgs when i started all this. but then for very long (2mnths) was stuck at 55. then i got viral...and got very weak..and now have put on my 2 kgs back...and am still struggling to find my energy to start my gym.

Ans. Just relax.Donot jump into the things as you were doing before the viral infection.Your bodies immunity and energy will take sometime to come back.Start one thing at a time. Start with some stretching and do walking on the treadmill 7 - 8 for one week. Then you can add-on more from the second week depending on how your body responds.Drink lots of water!

sir plz help me, i have got intense craving for tea and I drink about 1 liter of tea every day, if I dont I get cravings n bcum restless plz help me

Q. Sir plz help me, i have got intense craving for tea and I drink about 1 liter of tea every day, if I dont I get cravings n bcum restless plz help me?

Ans. It has become a obsession with you - drinking tea!I am not sure but it is developing into OCD - obsessive compulsive disorder!You must put a break to it at the earliest.Start to drink lots of water before your body becomes highly acidic.For motivation reading please visit my website takecare

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Burn Fat. Be Healthier and Live Longer!

Finally, I would just like to say that most people worry too much when it comes time to and get in shape. But once you make the commitment to follow a three-point program (Exercise, Diet, and Supplements.) Then you will see and feel the benefits that come along with it. Take my word for it... It will be the best decision you could ever make. join a gym, eat healthier

"I am too tired" NO MORE EXCUSES

Of course you are too tired! In order to feel better and increase your energy you have to eat healthier, use proper vitamins and exercise 3 days each week. If you make these changes in your life than you will have more energy than you have ever had before.

So at last i could only say just go ahead and lose weight and build a better body.

"My partner doesn't want me to join a gym."

I have heard this excuse from some women. I don't mean to be rude but how pathetic is our society when we are telling the people that we supposed to love that they cannot join a gym, lose weight, get healthier, and feel better about them. Are we so insecure with ourselves that we will allow it to interfere with the health and well-being of our loved one. If you are uncomfortable with your partner going to the gym alone, then join together and exercise together. It will be a very positive experience for the both of you. There are also gyms that have a women's area and a free weight area for the men.

STOP MAKING EXCUSES and start losing fat now

How many of you have actually posted queries here " I wanna lose weight. Help me". The guys here post a workout schedule, chart down a nutrition chart for you like its the only thing they do in their lives. Its read, understood and of course , whats the first thing we say? We have an excuse :) so now is the time to STOP MAKIN EXCUSES and work around them. Its your life, your health. Its not maths homework where mom can do it and you can say its yours to the teacher and get marks. Your nutritionist cant come and pull the rasagulla from your hand and throw it off. its YOU who has to do it ..." I DONT HAVE TIME TO EXERCISE"Oh, come on now. We make time in our schedule to watch TV, go to the beauty parlor, get our nails done, go to the latest SRK movie, etc... It only takes 30-45 minutes a day and 3 days a week to follow an exercise program that will allow us to lose fat, be , and live longer. look at it this way... We can either spend time exercising now to be healthier or spend the equivalent amount of time that you would be exercising sometime later in a hospital bed because we did not take care of ourselves


1. Not cost effective - no matter how much those people swear by. Ive seen a friend who was obese and shy to goto a gym. So he got himself a personnel trainer. He started with dumbells and a few months later, the trainer had convinced him to buy tons of stuff costing him a fortune.2. No supervision. You dont want an injury do you with the wrong form....????3. No motivation - No trainer there to push you to your limits. No friend next to you on a treadmill that you can compete with.I know tons of people who have bought treadmills and cycles at their homes which must have been used for few months and then left to rot along with the other unused stuff in the house occupying space...

How to get STARTED with fitness ???

Well, we have filled out plates with all the rasagullas and chocolate cakes in all the get togethers, drank bottles of beer and tried new cocktails, watched TV more, spent more time on the sofa munching chips, refused to walk further than the distance to the car. The belly has started to jut out, we refuse to acknowledge it when we see ourselves in the mirror living in denial. After a period of time, the belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger and finally we decide " HEYYYYYYY, i have got to start reducing weight "". We start thinking " Ok i have to do something about it" . We think hard, and hard and hard and pass the question on to the next day for further thinking and continue on with our life.Here's the first STEP::::::::JOIN A GYM, for God's sake.How do you find the right gym??????1. Reputation - Ask your friends, colleagues and relatives. See if any of your friends vouch for the quality of the gym.2. Does it have the equipment you need??? - Dont get stuck in a gym with semi broken treadmills and outdated machines.3. Are the trainers qualified and well spoken?? - Dont get stuck up in a gym with all muscle machos with steroids pouring out of their noses.4. most important - DO NOT DECIDE based on COST OF MEMBERSHIP - the few thousands you save MAY NOT give you the same results. Its your health at stake. Make a list of things you can sacrifice for the extra money you have to shell out and compensate :) It works :) atleast it did for me :)

This is a blog for fitness concious people

hi, buddies this is a blog for fitness consious friends who want to enjoy and live a healthy and fit life,you can ask any queries about fitness,lifestyle,glamour.get addicted to fitness bcoz addiction never dies.

Despite the individual uniqueness of body fat regulation and the complexity of skills necessary to manage body weight, the bottom line for losing weight remains the same: Calories consumed must be less than the Calories expanded in physical activity.There are no shortcuts to fitness, physical activity is an essential component of weight management.Exercise, in fact is a critical factor in whether or not weight lost from dieting is maintained. Without exercise, the weight inevitably is regained..More important, once started exercise must be continued..A misconception about exercise is that you must exercise vigorously in order to see results.Research shows that increased physical activity, including leisure activities, improve energy output and helps maintain a desirable body weight.So what you do to keep yourself fit?Share your ideas with us. Thanks

Are you trying to lose weight?

Are you trying to lose weight? Get in a routine at the gym? Eat better? Whatever reason you have to get healthier, you're not alone! Post any questions, suggestions, ideas, anything that comes to mind to help yourself and everyone else!

Post your comments on any article you want.

Expert advice for a bodybuilding workout

Do you need an expert advice for a workout? Are you 20 years old and have been going to the gym for nearly one and a half months and the damn trainers are useless and keep themselves away from people. Do you seriously want a great body and your problem is that you have a lot of weight on your belly and hips which looks a little odd, but it is not much and your body looks okay in appearance and you weigh 87 kg and you are 5-11 in height. The thing is that you want great muscles with good abs as well now and you understand that it is not possible to lose fat along with muscle building but you are willing to train in any way

So you answer is that buddy you need to know certain things. First of all, for your gym and trainer tingy, they would not help you unless you pay them the special fee, so check out with them on this regard. I am sure they will help you out in return for money.

Secondly if you know swimming that is proper swimming, then you can burn a lot of calories by doing it for an hour.

Thirdly, you need to check out on what you are eating, cut down on your eating habits and go green that means eat lots of vegetable and fruits.

Question. But the trainers say I need to eat a lot in order to gain muscle and already my stomach is bulging. I am keen to make six pack abs.

Ans. Muscle building and fat loss happen together

You will need a double plan. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Train hard for 1 hour maximum using two muscle groups each day with heavy weights (with less reps). Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, do some cardiotraining. Run hard for 30 minutes. Remember run very hard. Control diet. Don't overeat, eat 50% protein, 40% complex carbs (wheat, brown rice, pasta, salads, veggies) 10% fat.

Now do this for 3 months and your belly will disappear and muscles will grow. In Another 3 months, you will look great.

An article on the history of bodybuilding and weightlifting in India

Throughout the various ages of India's history there has been a growth of interest in Physical Culture. As far back as the 1100s there were detailed descriptions of diet, training & lifestyle for the more famous proponents. Weightlifting was achieved using stone and sacks of sand. Press-ups and squats were common exercises. By the 1500s Bodybuilding had become a national passion.One of the most popular forms of weight that was used through the centuries was the Nal, made of rough stone with a hole through the centre and very often with a handle.It is often considered that the British Rule in India started a period of decline in Physical Culture and general health amongst the Indian population.In 1905 there was a revival of interest, mainly in strand pulling. This was due to a great extent to Sandow's highly successful visit to India in 1904.

Perfect dumbbell workout to tone up your muscles

Hi guys, I've been going regularly to gym for 3 months now. Got a 3000 cal diet, 100 gms protein and it seems to be working just fine. I was 5'8 and weighed in at 46 kilos and in 3 months I've bulked up to around 55 kgs.Since most of you seem to have been doing this stuff for quiet a while now, could you let me know which protein supplement you think is the best? Right now I'm using Coach's formula super protein+creatine monohydrate (started creatine like 3 days back, still in loading).Is a ~8 kg bulk gain in 3 months okay enough? Another question I had was wether its okay to eat egg yolk. I normally take in like 4 eggs a day. I don't mind the fat since I'll burn it off once I get the "charbi" but the cholesterol is something to worry about. Yolk has like 3 gms of protein so in 4 eggs thats 12 gms and thats a pretty big amount to miss.On the gym topic - I curl around 40 lbs for around 9-9-7Benchpress - stuck at 40 kilos, around 85 poundsHave gained 1.3 inches in my biceps. Which I think is fair enough cause I've worked out for only 3 months. Pics in my album. Cheers. Look forward to talking with you guys. : )

If you are looking for the perfect workout to tone up your muscles, you should look at the advantages of dumbbell workouts. Even though other kinds of bodybuilding equipment have faded away, dumbbells have persisted for many years. This is because they are so reliable and effective. Another plus is that they don't take up a lot of space, so a set of dumbbells is one piece of equipment you can have even in a tiny apartment.One of the main reasons people like to workout with dumbbells is the resistance they provide. When you start using dumbbells, you need to start stabilizing your muscles. This is important for your strength, balance and posture. When using dumbbells, you won't have to try to put your body in unnatural positions because you use them through the natural movements of your body. You also have a greater range of movements and can target specific areas of the body.Like all exercise equipment, there are safety rules to follow when working out with dumbbells. Make sure you warm up by doing stretches so that you prepare your muscles and avoid the possibility of tears and strains. You also have to learn how to use them properly before you move on to a heavier set of bells. It is important to have someone working out with you or at least have someone to spot you. This means having someone with you to make sure you are not overextending yourself. This person can also be there to help if you accidentally drop one of the dumbbells and hurt yourself.Some of the dumbbell workouts that you can include in your routine are:* Hammer Curls for your biceps* Press for your triceps* Shoulder press, which is the recommended exercise for beginners* Files for your chest* Bench Press* LungesAlong with being effective, dumbbells are also fairly inexpensive.