Saturday, October 13, 2007

Expert advice for a bodybuilding workout

Do you need an expert advice for a workout? Are you 20 years old and have been going to the gym for nearly one and a half months and the damn trainers are useless and keep themselves away from people. Do you seriously want a great body and your problem is that you have a lot of weight on your belly and hips which looks a little odd, but it is not much and your body looks okay in appearance and you weigh 87 kg and you are 5-11 in height. The thing is that you want great muscles with good abs as well now and you understand that it is not possible to lose fat along with muscle building but you are willing to train in any way

So you answer is that buddy you need to know certain things. First of all, for your gym and trainer tingy, they would not help you unless you pay them the special fee, so check out with them on this regard. I am sure they will help you out in return for money.

Secondly if you know swimming that is proper swimming, then you can burn a lot of calories by doing it for an hour.

Thirdly, you need to check out on what you are eating, cut down on your eating habits and go green that means eat lots of vegetable and fruits.

Question. But the trainers say I need to eat a lot in order to gain muscle and already my stomach is bulging. I am keen to make six pack abs.

Ans. Muscle building and fat loss happen together

You will need a double plan. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Train hard for 1 hour maximum using two muscle groups each day with heavy weights (with less reps). Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, do some cardiotraining. Run hard for 30 minutes. Remember run very hard. Control diet. Don't overeat, eat 50% protein, 40% complex carbs (wheat, brown rice, pasta, salads, veggies) 10% fat.

Now do this for 3 months and your belly will disappear and muscles will grow. In Another 3 months, you will look great.

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