Saturday, October 13, 2007

How to get STARTED with fitness ???

Well, we have filled out plates with all the rasagullas and chocolate cakes in all the get togethers, drank bottles of beer and tried new cocktails, watched TV more, spent more time on the sofa munching chips, refused to walk further than the distance to the car. The belly has started to jut out, we refuse to acknowledge it when we see ourselves in the mirror living in denial. After a period of time, the belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger and finally we decide " HEYYYYYYY, i have got to start reducing weight "". We start thinking " Ok i have to do something about it" . We think hard, and hard and hard and pass the question on to the next day for further thinking and continue on with our life.Here's the first STEP::::::::JOIN A GYM, for God's sake.How do you find the right gym??????1. Reputation - Ask your friends, colleagues and relatives. See if any of your friends vouch for the quality of the gym.2. Does it have the equipment you need??? - Dont get stuck in a gym with semi broken treadmills and outdated machines.3. Are the trainers qualified and well spoken?? - Dont get stuck up in a gym with all muscle machos with steroids pouring out of their noses.4. most important - DO NOT DECIDE based on COST OF MEMBERSHIP - the few thousands you save MAY NOT give you the same results. Its your health at stake. Make a list of things you can sacrifice for the extra money you have to shell out and compensate :) It works :) atleast it did for me :)

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