Saturday, October 13, 2007

Perfect dumbbell workout to tone up your muscles

Hi guys, I've been going regularly to gym for 3 months now. Got a 3000 cal diet, 100 gms protein and it seems to be working just fine. I was 5'8 and weighed in at 46 kilos and in 3 months I've bulked up to around 55 kgs.Since most of you seem to have been doing this stuff for quiet a while now, could you let me know which protein supplement you think is the best? Right now I'm using Coach's formula super protein+creatine monohydrate (started creatine like 3 days back, still in loading).Is a ~8 kg bulk gain in 3 months okay enough? Another question I had was wether its okay to eat egg yolk. I normally take in like 4 eggs a day. I don't mind the fat since I'll burn it off once I get the "charbi" but the cholesterol is something to worry about. Yolk has like 3 gms of protein so in 4 eggs thats 12 gms and thats a pretty big amount to miss.On the gym topic - I curl around 40 lbs for around 9-9-7Benchpress - stuck at 40 kilos, around 85 poundsHave gained 1.3 inches in my biceps. Which I think is fair enough cause I've worked out for only 3 months. Pics in my album. Cheers. Look forward to talking with you guys. : )

If you are looking for the perfect workout to tone up your muscles, you should look at the advantages of dumbbell workouts. Even though other kinds of bodybuilding equipment have faded away, dumbbells have persisted for many years. This is because they are so reliable and effective. Another plus is that they don't take up a lot of space, so a set of dumbbells is one piece of equipment you can have even in a tiny apartment.One of the main reasons people like to workout with dumbbells is the resistance they provide. When you start using dumbbells, you need to start stabilizing your muscles. This is important for your strength, balance and posture. When using dumbbells, you won't have to try to put your body in unnatural positions because you use them through the natural movements of your body. You also have a greater range of movements and can target specific areas of the body.Like all exercise equipment, there are safety rules to follow when working out with dumbbells. Make sure you warm up by doing stretches so that you prepare your muscles and avoid the possibility of tears and strains. You also have to learn how to use them properly before you move on to a heavier set of bells. It is important to have someone working out with you or at least have someone to spot you. This means having someone with you to make sure you are not overextending yourself. This person can also be there to help if you accidentally drop one of the dumbbells and hurt yourself.Some of the dumbbell workouts that you can include in your routine are:* Hammer Curls for your biceps* Press for your triceps* Shoulder press, which is the recommended exercise for beginners* Files for your chest* Bench Press* LungesAlong with being effective, dumbbells are also fairly inexpensive.

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