Saturday, October 13, 2007

STOP MAKING EXCUSES and start losing fat now

How many of you have actually posted queries here " I wanna lose weight. Help me". The guys here post a workout schedule, chart down a nutrition chart for you like its the only thing they do in their lives. Its read, understood and of course , whats the first thing we say? We have an excuse :) so now is the time to STOP MAKIN EXCUSES and work around them. Its your life, your health. Its not maths homework where mom can do it and you can say its yours to the teacher and get marks. Your nutritionist cant come and pull the rasagulla from your hand and throw it off. its YOU who has to do it ..." I DONT HAVE TIME TO EXERCISE"Oh, come on now. We make time in our schedule to watch TV, go to the beauty parlor, get our nails done, go to the latest SRK movie, etc... It only takes 30-45 minutes a day and 3 days a week to follow an exercise program that will allow us to lose fat, be , and live longer. look at it this way... We can either spend time exercising now to be healthier or spend the equivalent amount of time that you would be exercising sometime later in a hospital bed because we did not take care of ourselves

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