Saturday, October 13, 2007

This is a blog for fitness concious people

hi, buddies this is a blog for fitness consious friends who want to enjoy and live a healthy and fit life,you can ask any queries about fitness,lifestyle,glamour.get addicted to fitness bcoz addiction never dies.

Despite the individual uniqueness of body fat regulation and the complexity of skills necessary to manage body weight, the bottom line for losing weight remains the same: Calories consumed must be less than the Calories expanded in physical activity.There are no shortcuts to fitness, physical activity is an essential component of weight management.Exercise, in fact is a critical factor in whether or not weight lost from dieting is maintained. Without exercise, the weight inevitably is regained..More important, once started exercise must be continued..A misconception about exercise is that you must exercise vigorously in order to see results.Research shows that increased physical activity, including leisure activities, improve energy output and helps maintain a desirable body weight.So what you do to keep yourself fit?Share your ideas with us. Thanks

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