Friday, November 9, 2007

Bodybuilder- Can u give me suggestions what type of diet I should maintain

Hi I'm Sunit, age 22, started going to gym for last 2 months but I am having so much interest since when I was in 8th class. My height is 5'11. weight-85.Can u give me suggestions what type of diet I should maintain, please tell me what is the routine and give me a timetable and I also want to go to jogging and swimming also. I wanna ask u is this is the right way to do jog, swim, and gym, give me the correct time table.SunitHi Sunit,At this time, you have to stick with one thing only, either you do serious bodybuilding or just maintaining your overall health. If you are totally interested in bodybuilding, then you have to concentrate on weight training with some cardiovascular exercises, etc. Otherwise, for general health and well being, jogging and swimming is the best choice to spark your lifestyle!!!Regarding your requirement for a timetable, please choose first what you want to do, weight training I mean bodybuilding or simply jog and flexible warming up exercises. Let me know about your choice and I will provide a timetable for either of two.Thanks,soni2006

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