Friday, November 9, 2007

BodyBuilding- Triceps push-downs and lying extensions

ArmsTo start off with I will take the arms. The arms are split into 3 areas. The Biceps, the Triceps and the Forearms. I will start with the biceps. The main exercises for the biceps are curls. I would use standing and sitting curls to start off with. Now the triceps are the biggest muscle in the arm and one of the least worked muscles in the body. I love to work the triceps because when well developed it looks really good. So many cuts and muscle just bulges out. Anyway the best exercises for the triceps are the Triceps push-downs and lying extensions. Also dips are a good triceps exercise and also works the chest well. For the forearms the best exercises are wrist curls. ArmsBiceps:Standing Curls 8-12 repsSitting Curls 8-12 repsTriceps:Push Downs 8-12 repsLying Extension 8-12 reps

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