Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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For anybody who likes to discuss exercise metabolism, cardiovascular, cardio-respiratory responses, muscular adaptations or any other topic related to the physiology and adaptations to exercise and training.Eat some energy foods,a couple of EXERCISE between the sheet, then a couple of hours of SLEEP,then wake up and do it all over again. ... For any human being or animal god has created one necessary & the best thing in this world is can make u stress freeit can give u satisfactionit can give u funit can give u excitement...For all those who do not exercise!Or have no time to workout,Or are too lazy for any physical activity,Or getting too stressed out to read this fully... woman, u need to have a fit body for your own sake. come, share how u feel and how should keep yourself fit.Yes I can do that!!! I can start doing Push-ups in a Bussiness Suit if I dont get to Exercise for one day......!!How many times have you said, "I really need to be fit"? Share your thoughts and experience regarding exercise. How important is exercise in our daily life? What are the benefits?Nobody knows the best way to lose weight, but everyone has thier own experiences and what works best for them. Please share ideas and even healthy food recipies, work outs, weight loss goalsSomewhere, sometime, some of us decided that exercise was something that we hated. It is an unjust price that has to be suffered through to get back into shapeI love to do exercise, but I dont like big chest. I like very flat chest and very muscular hands. Exercise PhysiologistDevelops, implements, and evaluates exercise programs for patients. Assesses cardiovascular and metabolic effects of exercise for cardiac and musculoskeletal rehabilitation.I do exercise and keep body in shape.I love my fitness, physique and stamina.Most people have a hard time finding good information on the internet, I know I sure did when I tried.Sitting and moaning over all those flabs would not help . Neither there would be a miracle some day that you shed all that weight in a blink of an eye.You need to push , you need move those feet and get........I have a weight loss success story to tell. I lost 10 kilograms in a period of 6 months. People who are trying to lose weight will know it is a very big achievement. It is not easy. No miracle pills, no sl…….Thanks,Raj Soni

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