Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Simple and easy steps for earning money online writing simple articles from your home on your personal computer in your pajamas.

Supercharge your articles with nice keywords relating to your articles.

1.Register for visit here:

.2.Add and publish simple articles on this site.

3.Add supportive videos relating to your articles' keywords, title, and description.

4.Add two good links relating to your articles in the author box.

5.Get help from the community forum:
Ask any type of questions you like relating to and google adsense.

6.Apply for your free google adsense account, visit here:

7.After approval of your adsense account from google, add your publisher's ID in your edit profile section.

8.Promote your account's link on free and paid websites, blogs, and forums on the internet. The link looks like:

9.Send emails to your friends telling them about and how they can earn money with this system, you can copy and paste my hub page for instance. Here is the link for that:

Go ahead and change the title to subject and my link in the description to your link.

10.When your articles will be viewed on, some of the visitors will become interested and click on the ads surrounding your articles of which you will get 50% adsense revenue, as provides 50% rotation of ads on your articles that means 50% of the time you will earn money, that's so simple.

11.Never click on your own google ads or ask any friend or relative to do that, as google is very smart and if found guilty will delete your account, read this hub page regarding the same:

12.Supercharge your articles with nice keywords relating to your articles.

13.Get referrals and earn 10% revenue from them that means your google ads will be displayed 10% of the time on their articles.

14.Upload at least one fresh and unique article daily so that search engines rank it well on their pages.

15.Start a squidoo blog relating to like this:

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