Friday, November 9, 2007

Golden Rules For Bodybuilding

WARM UP and COOL DOWN: 1.This cannot be stressed enough. Most workout-related injuries can be avoided by proper warm-up and cool-down.

Your muscles need a 5 to 15 minute warm-up as well as a brief cool-down. This holds true for all weight training workouts!EXERCISE LARGE MUSCLES FIRST:

2.You should work your large muscle groups first-your chest, back, and legs - before you exercise your biceps, triceps and smaller muscle groups. Because our bodies naturally recruit large muscle fibers first, these muscles will be the first to fatigue.

3.PROGRESS GRADUALLY: Increase reps before increasing resistance. Reduce rest interval between sets to increase workload.

4.BREATHE CORRECTLY: Exhale at the moment of highest effort.

5.CHALLENGE YOUR MUSCLES: All weight training should begin progressively, using increases in weight until your goals or a plateau are reached. Then, change your workout to include increased reps with lowered weights at the end of a set, change the order of exercise, or add sets, etc., to reach new goals. (workouts should change about every 6-weeks)

6.Most important is to GIVE YOUR MUSCLES and MIND A REST: You'll get the most out of your training if you give your muscles at least 48 hours rest between weight training workouts to recover and rebuild.

BodyBuilding Spirit- The chest is the most worked, focused on and favorite muscle for nearly all bodybuilders

The chest is the most worked, focused on and favorite muscle for nearly all bodybuilders. The chest is split into higher and lower chest. Now the bench press is the best exercise, however there are variations. A flat bench press then there is the incline and decline. These work the uppers and lower chest area's. Another great exercise for the chest is the flies. These can be done with the machine or on a bench with dumbbells. ChestBench Press(incline & decline) 8-12 repsFlies 8-12 reps

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BodyBuilding- Triceps push-downs and lying extensions

ArmsTo start off with I will take the arms. The arms are split into 3 areas. The Biceps, the Triceps and the Forearms. I will start with the biceps. The main exercises for the biceps are curls. I would use standing and sitting curls to start off with. Now the triceps are the biggest muscle in the arm and one of the least worked muscles in the body. I love to work the triceps because when well developed it looks really good. So many cuts and muscle just bulges out. Anyway the best exercises for the triceps are the Triceps push-downs and lying extensions. Also dips are a good triceps exercise and also works the chest well. For the forearms the best exercises are wrist curls. ArmsBiceps:Standing Curls 8-12 repsSitting Curls 8-12 repsTriceps:Push Downs 8-12 repsLying Extension 8-12 reps

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More common questions in BodyBuilding -Sets & warmup

Warming up is one of the most important things you should do before going into your sets (other than stretching). This will help prevent injury. Also it will help you lift more weights, so you can totally overload your muscles. Do 1-3 sets of warm up before, with lightweights and build up. Say for example you can bench 200 lbs a certain amount of times. You would start by doing 100 lbs 10 times, then 150 about 8 times, and top it off with one rep of 195. This will get blood into your muscle preparing them for what is coming. Never go to failure on your warm up. This will hinder your chances of overloading your muscles.

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Six most common questions in BodyBuilding- body building manual

A BodyBuilder`s FAQ- Hey guys check out this amazing natural bodybuilding training manual by Gred Adams at'll find some really good info about how to build muscle fast, jumpstarting a workout schedule, weight gain, fitness workout, simple exercise tracking, muscle building secrets etc.

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Bodybuilder- Can u give me suggestions what type of diet I should maintain

Hi I'm Sunit, age 22, started going to gym for last 2 months but I am having so much interest since when I was in 8th class. My height is 5'11. weight-85.Can u give me suggestions what type of diet I should maintain, please tell me what is the routine and give me a timetable and I also want to go to jogging and swimming also. I wanna ask u is this is the right way to do jog, swim, and gym, give me the correct time table.SunitHi Sunit,At this time, you have to stick with one thing only, either you do serious bodybuilding or just maintaining your overall health. If you are totally interested in bodybuilding, then you have to concentrate on weight training with some cardiovascular exercises, etc. Otherwise, for general health and well being, jogging and swimming is the best choice to spark your lifestyle!!!Regarding your requirement for a timetable, please choose first what you want to do, weight training I mean bodybuilding or simply jog and flexible warming up exercises. Let me know about your choice and I will provide a timetable for either of two.Thanks,soni2006

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