Friday, February 22, 2008

Pure Indian diet for software engineers and people living a sedentary lifestyle

1. Have 1 litre of Water in a duration of 10 to 15 mins .. Now time is 6:15

2. Start excercise at 6:45 before excercise take 3 or 4 dates ... or honey with lemon... this will give 70 to 80 cals to have a nice energitic start.... [ 10 mins of normal walk , 20 mins of brisk walk + jog for 5 to 10 mins . do some abdominal excercises .. do some weight trainging [dumbels] ... do a bit streatching .. a bit of relaxation like pranayam or other techniqes .... Now time is 8:003. Have nice bath ... and nice breakfast as early as 8:15 ... it should be vitamin rich , calory rich, mineral rich.

3. spoons of any sprout ( better to change daily)] +[ 2 spoons of any dry fruit ( better to change daily)] +[ 3 spoons of nuts ( better to change daily)] +.[ 1/4th of coconut] +[ 5 dates ] +[ 1 idly + chutney (1/4 th of your normal previous breakfast) ]= 800 calsIf one or two things in the above stack are not available increase your idly part... make it twi idlys .

4. Start taking water from 10:00AM. Try to take as less as possible many times in an hour ... [Ex : better to take 100 ml every 10 mins than taking 250 or 300 ml every half an hour.] But the main thing is make sure that you take atleast 1.5 litre in the duration of 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM .. Stop taking water by 12:30 because you will take lunch at 1 PM.

5. Take lunch at 1:00 PM .... Your digesting power is peak at this time ... So if you have any favourate food which is not healthy and tough to digest [ non veg biriyani or nonveg fry or fried rice, sweets. Fried veg curries .. ]and you feel like you must have it , you can have it in lunch ... but not more than 2 or 3 times a week ... But remaining 4 or 5 days must have very good lunch like rice, chapathis, rotis, good vegetable curries cooked with very less oil , 100 gms of curd= 1200 cals on a favourite but unhealthy lunch day [ you had non vegbiriyani or nonveg fry or fried rice]= 800 cals on a regular good lunch day.

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