Friday, February 22, 2008

What should be a balanced diet for software engineers

You should have bytes every 3.5 to 4 hrsIn a day 3 mega bytes and 2 kilobytesEat more proteins from Dairy products,Eggs, Chicken and SoyaThe hardware (muscles) need to be operated for total 90 mins in a day. Regular upgradation is a must. Every half hour stretch the hardware and move it around.Otherwise the program gets modified and harmful virus like replicating software (fat ) starts accumulating around the processor.The speed gets affected and the RAM (stamina) gets jammed. Eventually the hardware gets useless due to downgradation. The useful software also becomes unusable. Specially when hardware has to be inserted into software.You should also use a lot of green inputs (salads, edible leaves raw).


Ananth said...

hahaha......nicely said indeed!!!
i am studying B.E computer science.
was searching for diet,most of the other diet plans on the net doesn't suit us Indians much.but your posts are overwhelming.
thanks!!!!good day :)

soni2006 said...

Thank you so much Ananth for learning and understanding the diet for software engineers.