Thursday, March 6, 2008

Body building supplements - Why, What & When

If you are below a year of training, then please don't consider supplements, it is not going to give you that body you see on TV. The initial years of your training should be mostly around wholesome foods.

Eat lots of the following but thats what works.
1. Eggs

2. Milk

3. Yogurt

4. Meat

5. Soya

6. What ever that has protein :)

Supplements are important, but not everything in bodybuilding. Surely they are no Magic Pills.

Order of usage of supplements should be somewhat sequential in this way:

1. Protein Powders

2. Multivitamins


4. Post Workout Drinks - Recuperation (Creatine, Glutamine etc)

5. Pre Workout Drinks - Performance Enhancers (Creatine, Glutamine, NO, & so on)

This directly relates to its cost implications. To be honest, to shell down minimum of Rs 5 - 6K per month for a student is quite difficult on a monthly basis, at-least I couldn't afford it then. But that doesn't stop us from utilizing our money for a good diet. Trust me about 10 years back we were able to consume about 250gms of protein from natural wholesome diet.

1. Eggs - 25 Whites - about 90gms protein

2. Meat (Chicken/ Mutton/ veal/Beef/ Fish) - 400 gms - about 100 gms protein

3. Milk - 1 Liter - about 40 Gms protein

Vola, this is sufficient for a 100 kilo bodybuilder to make up for his diet. And this would cost per day about

Eggs: 25 eggs @ 50 RS400gms Veal @ 50 Rs1 Liter Milk @ 15 RSSo at about 3500RS all is done for 200gms of protein requirements. Then when you are about 2 years into body building and have gained solid base from lifting, supplements help to go beyond.

Supplements are really handy when you are working, at-least you guys don't have to carry egg white in bottles, we used to do that ;)

Train Hard, Hog well & Rest, these are the best training years of your life, enjoy them & happy growing.

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