Monday, March 24, 2008

Clear your doubts regarding reps

Squat 100 kg x 55 Reps

Less reps - strength, faster activation of central nervous system and motor units

8 to 12 reps leads to hypertrophy.

Higher reps - more capillaries,endurance.

Less weight with more reps - activates red muscle fiber

More weight with less reps - activates white muscle fiber

Suppose a person is lifting a heavy weight slowly then what will it activate red or white fibers?

A person who is lifting an extremely light weight (like a weight with which he can manage 100 reps) explosively then what will it activate?

What happens when the person lifting the weight in both cases(heavy weight and light) is aiming to lift until failure?

Suppose a guy doing pushups to failure slowly then first his red fibers will do the work what will happen when he is about to fall and cannot go further which fibres will come into play (white ones as they are last to be recruited?)

I read the above article in Dr. Squats Question and Answer forum.

I think it is mainly DUP from the article.

"the method this guy explains is mainly DUP he found that following a routine in which 8 reps (at the 8 RM as only one set was used) were used, the fast twitch muscle fibers of the trained muscle (in this case the quadricep via the leg press) hypertrophied. Well duh! Any body could have told him that right? Perhaps, however, he also found that the slow twitch muscle fibers atrophied (i.e., got smaller); and he also found that the number of reps the athlete could perform at 80% of his 1 RM decreased, yet his 1 RM increased! The athlete was then placed on a routine using 12 reps (at his 12 RM). Can anybody guess what happened? Well, muscle biopsy showed that hypertrophy did in fact take place, but that it was in the slow twitch muscle fibers this time. Not only that but the fast twitch fibers atrophied and the number of reps possible at 80% 1 RM went up, while his 1 RM decreased"so then we can specifically target the muscle fiber to grow by 8 or 12 reps8 - for white9-11 - for both12 - for red?

How the Body Works : Muscle Architecture

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