Friday, March 14, 2008

Do u feel fit enough reading articles from intenet and apply in bodybuilding or do you need a good coach, share comments with me


Some egg info for you.

Now as for the bananas... you reallyyyyyy need to cut down if you're trying to lose fat. Bananas are VERY high in calories. 6 is around 1,000 calories a day. They're great for bulking up though.As far as "how can I eat 6 times a day"... we cant help you with that. Sneak a protein bar into the office? Try to keep a sack lunch in your brief case? Its all a matter of determination and planning. Your boss may not like you to eat at work, but you still need to eat every 3 hours. Explain to your boss? Take a 5 minute break between the time you start and your lunch period to woof down something? Sneak a snack here and there? Just try your best.As far as what foods to take, its better you understand how nutrition works, then pick out your own foods.

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