Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Great Khali

The Great Khali's full name is Dalip Singh Rana- The Great Khali has a chest measuring 63 Inches- The Great Khali is billed as being from The Punjab Jungles of India, in reality, there are no real Jungles in Punjab and Khali is from a state called Himachal Pradesh.- The Great Khali's name is taken from the Indian Goddess of power "Kaali"- When he was small, Dalip Singh used to work as a stone breaker, his job involved breaking big stones into pieces and then passing the broken pieces to another laborer who would then take them further. This job was given to Dalip Singh because at that moment of time, there were proper roads being constructed in the Dhirana Town, therefore Dalip worked as one of the laborers, he was given meager daily wages.- Dalip actually was intimidated by people much smaller than him back when he worked as the roadside labourer.- Dalip Singh wants to open four professional wrestling schools in India since there are none yet, he wants to see more and more Indian blood going into pro wrestling too.- Dalip Singh knows conversational English and is still learning more of it.- When he is at his home in Jalandhar, Dalip actively visits various Gyms in his city and gives the youth tips on bodybuilding.- Dalip Singh is a Rajput Hindu and a devout one for that.- Dalip Singh likes to eat all sorts of Punjabi food and hasn't yet developed a liking for any type of Fast Food.- Dalip Singh's bodybuilding Coach's name is Dr. Randhir Kumar- Besides his employment with the WWE, Dalip Singh is also a sub inspector in Punjab Police.- Dalip donates a large chunk of his income towards the development of his village Dhirana.- Dalip Singh's wife, Mrs. Harminder is a typical Indian Housewife and isn't involved into any kind of a job.- Dalip Singh loves kids and spends a lot of time with the children of his siblings whenever he gets home.- He is very Agile in real life and had quite an interest in Athletics before he took on to bodybuilding.- The Great Khali is drugs-free, alchohol-free and smoking-free



soni2006 said...

Thank you so much for adding additional info to this post desi directory.

savi said...

great khali is good in attitude i want to develop a body like great khali.he must win all the matches in wwe