Friday, March 14, 2008

Having lower abdominal pain while doing fitness exercises, read this

Pain in the muscles does not means to stop the exercises, actually here u can define this pain in two different ways, one is the muscular pain n the other one is the pain when ur muscles feel fatigue which is a gud sign meaning that u r doing ur exercise in a correct posture, as far as abs pain is concerned if u r doing it from long time ur internal abdominal muscles get hard n the top layer of fat remains there as by doing situps the upper layer remains intact but ur internal muscles get developed, so bby doing situps ur internal muscles get hard and pumped quickly resulting in quick faliures n when u try to push that a little bit extra that results in ur lower abdominal pain which is not to worry about. n may b u must be trying to lift ur back upwards while trying to push it hard inside towards ur spine.

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