Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How to desensitize the nose by doing yoga

Breathing through only one nostril is the most common problem faced.

the increased sensitivity of the nose to external increased allergens in the atmosphere causes this.

first we have to desensitise the nose by doing kriyas.

cleaning the nostril by lightly sucking the water through the nose with enough gap between each effort is one of the most easy and effective ways to desensitise the nose.

once you are comfortable with this use a catheter to clean the nose by directing the water from one nostril into another.

though this appears to be difficult it is a very very easy process to clean and also desensitise the nose. the plastic cup / cathetor is available in vivekananda kendras in malleshwaram or in palace guttahalli at Bangalore.

Once you are comfortable with these process you can be advised about breathing process, like anoloma and viloma breathing etc. etc.

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