Monday, March 24, 2008

Nine laws of training

Ten Bodybuilding commandments and nine laws of training

1. Law of Individual Differences -- The training must be malleable so as to be conductive towards the needs and goals of different athletes. Even athletes with the same goals.

2. Law of Specificity -- The training must move gradually from a generalized format to one that is specific towards the ultimate goal of the athlete.

3. Law of Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands -- The training must gradually reach a point of specificity to an explicit and exclusive level.

4. Law of Overload -- The training must provide a level of stress to which the athlete is unaccustomed.

5. Law of Overcompensation -- The athlete will adapt in a way corresponding to the stress that was experienced in training.

6. Law of Use and Disuse -- New ability gained through adaptations to stress must remain in use at a threshold taxing to the athlete, or they will atrophy and dissipate.

7. Law of General Adaptation Syndrome -- The athlete cannot continue to adapt indefinitely over an extended time period. The body must be allowed to rest as a whole. Training must be modified for a time so that accumulated fatigue dissipates, while accumulated fitness remains.

8. Law of orthomolecular sufficiency -- The athlete must maintain a level of nutrition productive towards goals of training.

9. Law of Variation -- The athlete must eventually alter, for a time, any given aspect or factor influencing his progression towards the goals of training.

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Anonymous said...

kudos to this article on 9 laws of training and 10 bodybuilding postures.

very well written, but I am totally confused on the 9th law can u explain it a bit further
9. Law of Variation


Rajeev Pandey

soni2006 said...

Thank you very much.