Monday, March 10, 2008

The Two new Laws of Adaptation for building a health body

Ok, we all know there are 7 laws of adaptation.

Individual differences







I propose two new laws to be added to the list.

Law of nutrition:

You will not grow unless the proper nutrition is present. You -MUST- have an excess of calories to grow, or you will not grow. You must have enough protein, carbs, fats, and so on... or anabolism cannot be achieved. Also, if fat loss is the goal, you must have fewer calories than is needed. So the law of nutrition basically states that in order for the body to achieve a certain state of being, the proper nutrients required for this state must be in place.

Law of range of motion (ROM):

You will only get strong through the ROM you train through. If you train with static holds, then you will only get strong in the one position where you performed your hold. If you neglect part of the ROM, you will fail to see strength gains through that ROM.So what does everyone think? Any reasons why there shouldn't be 9 laws of adaptation now?

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