Sunday, March 23, 2008

What are the exercises that can be useful to strengthen the rotator cuff?

Rotator Cuff Exercises 20Lbs. x 12

1. Hold your arm out to the side in the shape of an L, so that your upper arm is straight out to the side, and your lower arm (forearm) is pointed straight at the ceiling.

2. Now turn your arm so that your forearm is pointed straight at the floor, with your upper arm still straight out to the side, like an upside down L.

3. Any exercise movement that has you rotating your arm in such a way is a good rotator cuff exercise. For example, sit down at a wide grip cable pull down (a cable version of pull ups). Get a wide grip on the bar. Pull the bar to just above your head (so your arms are in an L)... and from there, try rotating the bar downward to your abs, while keeping your upper arms 'mostly' out to the side.

4. Another one - upright high pulls. Just like upright rows, only you pull the bar all the way up to your lower chin. A better way might be to start at the top of a conventional upright row, then rotate your arms so the bar is above your head.

5. DO NOT GO HEAVY OR EXPLOSIVE on these exercises!!! Go slow and moderate. You dont want to tear your rotator cuff. Heavy and explosive stuff should be done with normal barbell presses.

A complete list of major muscles and their associated exercises and stretches. Here's the page that lists exercises for the rotator cuff (infraspinatus/teres major and subscapularis):

Sports Training - Weight Training - Rotator Cuff, perpendic.

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