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Five most Common Weightlifting Myths versus Facts

1. There is no such thing as spot reduction of the body. There is no ab machine in existance that will define your abs without making you loose total bodyweight and reduce total fat.

2. In order to get big, all you have to do is lift heavy. Wrong. We have all seen small, thin guys in the gym lifting way too much weight for their body size. Often one of the most overlooked aspects of fitness and weightlifting is diet. You must eat to support the weight gain, other wise it will not happen. Rest is also another key essential.

3. There really is no such thing as toning. Lifters often say heavy weights cause muscle gain and light weight causes muscle tone. Reality is light weight causes light muscle gain. Fat lose causes tone. If the light weight workout is aerobic in nature, then it will cause weight lose, but will not tone.

4. How heavy you lift will basically produce how big you get. In other words, lift more, get bigger. Kinda false. One of the most overlooked aspects of fitness and a fact that many levels of the fitness industry don't inform people of is that genetics is probably the biggest factor in your body type and the potential for you to change your body. There is no question that eating right, exercising and getting rest are essential, but if you are genetically predetermined to be obese, you will probably be more fit and more toned, but still be overweight. This can be change in extreme cases but more than likely not, you will still carry extra weight.

5. You only need to do a few exercises to really see some substantial growth. Really this is true. If an individual starts a regimen that includes squats, deadlifts, bench press, pullups, and I also would say military presses at high weights, and eat right, that individual will put on some real noticeable size.

Agree or disagree?

Doctor's advice

1. Absolutely abs mech for spot wt loss...infact...abs ex cause a very low fat loss...but builds ur rectus abdominis to start standing out

2.Disagree......there is something call muscle tone there has to be a toning effect...just try leaving ur tight gym sch for a week and u ll feel them 'tone up' when u rejoin...thats why actors do work outs b4 displaying their flesh....but its not connected with amount of wt heavy or light

3.yes diet is as essential as lifting...but a better phrase..'right diet' should be used instead....lifting heavy and eating rubbish ll just make you gain the wrong kind of weight ie u ll end up having a gr8 bench,stout arms with a bonus,protruding belly!!!so, in summary... take more than 1gm protein /pound body weight to keep the nitrogen balance on the positive side ,and enough carbs to support growth...douse ur hunger anytime but never a heavy breakfast and light dinner...exclude fats as u get enough of them as 'hidden fats' in ur normal diet...take a lot of fibers...stop those beverages..

4.there something called neuronal adaptation...if u keep doing one set of exercises for too long the gains will slow down...u ll lift heavy but the main aim is defeated that is mass or even strength gain!!growth or muscular hypertrophy is a result of adaptation of our body to chronic heavy lifting stress like wise there is another kind of adaptation ie neuronal,in which our nervous system adapts to the same kind of motion that we repeat if we dont sift exs so the adaptation of heavy wt is shared by the nervous system from the keep vhanging and keep the nerves guessing and the muscles doing all the work!!!!

5. Genetics is the root of our medical science today...we are explaining all medical mystries on its basis....but...tes perseverance is the key...its tough but not imposs inb simpler words ,that if my dad is a kindda obese i cant be muscular...and anyways a fit toned tho overwt body is much better than a sagging tummy!!!

Having lower abdominal pain while doing fitness exercises, read this

Pain in the muscles does not means to stop the exercises, actually here u can define this pain in two different ways, one is the muscular pain n the other one is the pain when ur muscles feel fatigue which is a gud sign meaning that u r doing ur exercise in a correct posture, as far as abs pain is concerned if u r doing it from long time ur internal abdominal muscles get hard n the top layer of fat remains there as by doing situps the upper layer remains intact but ur internal muscles get developed, so bby doing situps ur internal muscles get hard and pumped quickly resulting in quick faliures n when u try to push that a little bit extra that results in ur lower abdominal pain which is not to worry about. n may b u must be trying to lift ur back upwards while trying to push it hard inside towards ur spine.

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Some egg info for you.

Now as for the bananas... you reallyyyyyy need to cut down if you're trying to lose fat. Bananas are VERY high in calories. 6 is around 1,000 calories a day. They're great for bulking up though.As far as "how can I eat 6 times a day"... we cant help you with that. Sneak a protein bar into the office? Try to keep a sack lunch in your brief case? Its all a matter of determination and planning. Your boss may not like you to eat at work, but you still need to eat every 3 hours. Explain to your boss? Take a 5 minute break between the time you start and your lunch period to woof down something? Sneak a snack here and there? Just try your best.As far as what foods to take, its better you understand how nutrition works, then pick out your own foods.