Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do you think that contact sports like boxing and rugby should be banned?

Contact sports like rugby and boxing are not new but they are old sports and are also considered highly prestigious. People engaging in these sports are prone to brutal injuries but then also it is their wish. They want to play and it is for their own interest. Some people say that these sports when shown through media or directly in a stadium leave violent sensations in the mind of people watching them, especially children. Do you think that it is true? We know that for every type of sport or anything, there is criticism and there is praise involved. I think in every sport, there is a chance of injury, so do you think that considering these factors, these sports should be abolished or banned. I am not in the idea of banning them rather parents should keep an eye on their kids who are watching these sports, rather if they do not want their kids to watch them, they can put a child lock on their TV sets showing sports like these. I have explained this issue in more detail in an article for which I have provided a link below. Whatever you think, if yes or no, on this, please leave your valuable comment....

Should contact sports like boxing and rugby should be abolished? Yes or No?

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