Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cardio plus weights plus diet is equal to toning

Cardio + Weights + Diet = Toning
First there are actually three zones:)
(1) heavy weights/low reps; for powerlifters mostly for strength training
(2) heavy weight/8-12 reps; mostly used by body builders for growing muscles, you can also mix with (1)
(3) light weight/more than 12 reps or circuits; toning because this is aerobic workout some what like cardio.

Here is the latest science; working out weights increases the metabolism for up to 48 hours after your work out, which will help toning. Low speed cardio with long minutes (45-60min) only increases the metabolism up to 2 hours, although you burn more calories. So for toning best advice work out like (2) or circuit and cardio short (20-30 min) with intervals or pyramids (increase up speed then start to decrease) or hills (which also helps the endurance).

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