Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gym versus natural surroundings

The only advantage in Gym is that if you are the distracted type, you would not get distracted in a gym as there is much less disturbance, provided other users do not switch on the TV. Otherwise, I generally prefer fast walk/jogging where there are plenty of trees. Plus the benefit is that we get to absorb "Prana", the subtle vital energy as termed in Ayurveda, from the Sun, Trees and if barefoot even from the Earth. We can absorb energy if we concentrate a bit on breathing and being aware of the surroundings. It is not at all a big exercise. The greatest benefit is getting the energy that will remove negativity and put us in perspective - this kind of awareness is a meditation in itself. It will make us understand our body and how we are so closely linked with the beautiful nature.

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