Saturday, July 18, 2009

HGH side effects, abuse, and risks

To ensure the public are aware of the risks before getting into anything. That's my job, while exercise physiologists bring these into the limelight highlighting the good stuff and pushing down the bad. Finally, it is up to you to choose what is right. Stay out of hGH, other hormones and steroids which seemingly have a great boost of an effect but can turn out to be harmful in the long run.

I have seen many minors with forehead receding (hairline as bald as a 40-year-old) so you cannot say there are absolutely no androgenic effects. May be they have changes in their genitals too but are embarrassed to come out with it? For more info on HGH discussion,
HGH abuse, side effects, and risks

Thursday, July 16, 2009

West side barbell and deloading

As far as deloading is concerned, West side barbell incorporates your RE (repetition effort) days and DE (Dynamic Effort) days along with your primary workday called ME (Max Effort) day. All these three types of workouts are complementary to each other. The RE day is supposed to help your CNS recover after the ME day while the DE day helps in recruiting more of your fast twitch fibers (which also means it is highly CNS intensive).

Using conjugate periodization protocol, all three workouts can be done in one cycle. Another option is to alternate RE and DE days in 2 week cycles (Note : This is not written in stone).


As for eccentrics West side barbell, make use of high-tension bands and chains when they are squatting and benching.

The logic behind it is simple. Say when they are squatting (using bands), as they reach the top most standing position, there is already an additional load being applied due to the bands. Now when they start moving back into the squat position, they have to move down in a controlled manner as the BAND is exerting a much higher force on them. This additional force can actually be around 150% of their 1RM. This is usually done in their Max Effort days. The same goes for Chains.

You can check out the articles on their web site: West side barbell

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Simple steps to become a healthy bodybuilder

1. Is spot reduction of weight and fat possible?

2. How much time it takes to start losing fat from your body?

3. Is rest important for a healthy body?

4. What type of diet should I follow?

5. How much time it takes for a weight loss?

6. Is it true that medicines and supplements help us reduce weight?

7. Do you think that changing my workout schedule will help me lose my weight at a more rapid pace?

8. Have you heard about hydroxycut? What are its side effects?

9. Will I have a heart attack if I take supplements?

I have answered all these important questions in this

Tips for becoming a healthy bodybuilder


Carving awesome abs

I am 5 feet 8 inches tall and my weight is 70 kilograms. My arms are slightly above 14 and my chest expansion is about 39. I haven’t measured my other body parts, but I work out each and every part at least once a week and as far as my abs are concerned, then I have an eight pack but when I loosen my stomach, then only the top 4 are visible, i.e., more cardio needs to be done to burn the fat on that lower ab area. After how much weight gain do you think, I will get ideal 16 inches arms along with a 42-43 inches chest?

Look, gaining muscle naturally means there will be an increase in your overall metabolism which clearly means that you will burn more calories than before, so if you want to burn the fat at the same time, just concentrate on increasing the lean muscle now. Your cardio is perfect 4 times a week at 30 minutes and it is really an ideal cardio at which you can also increase the lean muscle. Accumulation of fat and growth of muscle fibers are two different processes, they are not actually interrelated. Everything we eat protein, carbohydrates, fat whatever, if it does not gets used or burned or if you intake more than your body needs, it will be simply stored as fat or some of them will pass undigested. Yes, I know that it is easy to gain lean muscle with fat since you do not have to care about your calorie intake and the calories you burn, so you should be little more conscious about how much you eat. Eat six to seven times a day and be a little calculative about your calorie intake.

The best way to carve awesome abs

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

For good triceps and biceps

How to start bodybuilding and get in good shape?

Do preacher (strict), heavy barbell curls, 21s, and heavy alternate curls. If you want more mass, then also include heavy "half barbell curls" in a seated position, since you are not stretching your arms all the way down and executing only half motion you will be able to do more heavy, remember one thing that in the negatives while lowering barbell, don't rest it in your thighs.

For triceps, if you want thickness, then do parallel bar dips, reverse bench dips with weights. These two also work the tendons along with the muscles, skull crushers, close grip they all work well.
Remember not to over train your biceps. Triceps has three muscle heads so give it comparatively more time because you have to trigger all three heads to grow them.

Muscle strength and mass by pushups

Benefits of doing push ups

Q. It is impossible to increase muscle strength and mass by doing pushups? I think we can develop good pecs by doing pushups?

A. Not entirely impossible, but certainly inefficient and largely ineffective.

I still maintain that, even as a beginner, pushups are not the most efficient or effective way to develop your chest. I certainly understand the benefits of doing pushups in a case where you have no weights available and you need to work your chest (or in order to get the blood flowing regardless of whether or not your intention is to train your chest).

Put simply, pushups = good

Bench press = better

Keep in mind, that strength/mass gains appear most quickly for people who are just starting to train. To that end, for a beginner, literally any exercise will give you significant gains.

Benefits of doing quick push ups

Benefits of doing push ups

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Q. I do pushups is it good chest workout? Or is it more of a cardio fitness exercise? I am a total beginner here.

Though, pushups are plyometric exercises. Don't expect to sprout a large, developed chest doing pushups. I suppose if you went nuts on them you'd get close to that, but pushups are used for like, martial artists or boxers and stuff like that, because its explosive.

If you want to get a muscled chest and without doing pushups like a Navy Seal, weights are the way to go.

For just starting off, pushups are great. You can develop your chest to an extent, as pushups do not have to be done in a plyometric manner. But don't do pushups on a daily basis, as your body will still need time to recover. And by changing up the style of pushup, you can focus on not only your chest, but also your triceps and front deltoids.

Pushups promote muscular endurance. They do not, however, promote hypertrophy (i.e. an increase in muscle mass).

Monday, July 13, 2009

I am a beginner and need help on workout and diet plan

I received an email from Sourav today saying

Question: "I m a beginner and regular to the gym for the past 4 months. I am 5'3" and 55 kg.

Though there was a very slight change in my physique within first 6 weeks of going to the gym but now things have been stagnant. My body-size (arms, chest, etc) isn't growing, though I have change my workout chart every 1.5-2 months.

Currently this is my schedule:

(3x15 each)

DAY 1 (Legs + back):
Leg Press
Thigh Curl
Dumbell Rowing
Reverse Curls

DAY 2(Chest + Shoulders + Arms):
Bench Press
Laying pullover
Shoulder Press
Alternate D. press
Triceps Pushups
Triceps Curl (Barbell)
" " (Dumbell)
Biceps Curl (Barbell)
" " (Dumbell)

Bread/Cornflakes in the morning.
A fruit (banana/mango/grapes) after an hour
Rice+Dal+sabzi+beef for lunch
Workout in the evening
Post workout: 2-3 eggs+glass of milk
3 roti+ sabzi/chicken for dinner"

My answer: I keep it simple.

Adopt any workout plan from internet like 5X5 , 3X5 , Defranco or ABC.

Search diet plans over internet. Multiply your body weight with 16 or 20 and take that amount of calories. Divide your year into 3 phases like bulking, cutting, and strength. Workout plans doesn't mean much and it is more about your diet. Increase the servings of carbs and proteins into your daily meals.


What should be the Rep Range for building a perfect body?