Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Carving awesome abs

I am 5 feet 8 inches tall and my weight is 70 kilograms. My arms are slightly above 14 and my chest expansion is about 39. I haven’t measured my other body parts, but I work out each and every part at least once a week and as far as my abs are concerned, then I have an eight pack but when I loosen my stomach, then only the top 4 are visible, i.e., more cardio needs to be done to burn the fat on that lower ab area. After how much weight gain do you think, I will get ideal 16 inches arms along with a 42-43 inches chest?

Look, gaining muscle naturally means there will be an increase in your overall metabolism which clearly means that you will burn more calories than before, so if you want to burn the fat at the same time, just concentrate on increasing the lean muscle now. Your cardio is perfect 4 times a week at 30 minutes and it is really an ideal cardio at which you can also increase the lean muscle. Accumulation of fat and growth of muscle fibers are two different processes, they are not actually interrelated. Everything we eat protein, carbohydrates, fat whatever, if it does not gets used or burned or if you intake more than your body needs, it will be simply stored as fat or some of them will pass undigested. Yes, I know that it is easy to gain lean muscle with fat since you do not have to care about your calorie intake and the calories you burn, so you should be little more conscious about how much you eat. Eat six to seven times a day and be a little calculative about your calorie intake.

The best way to carve awesome abs

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