Tuesday, July 14, 2009

For good triceps and biceps

How to start bodybuilding and get in good shape?

Do preacher (strict), heavy barbell curls, 21s, and heavy alternate curls. If you want more mass, then also include heavy "half barbell curls" in a seated position, since you are not stretching your arms all the way down and executing only half motion you will be able to do more heavy, remember one thing that in the negatives while lowering barbell, don't rest it in your thighs.

For triceps, if you want thickness, then do parallel bar dips, reverse bench dips with weights. These two also work the tendons along with the muscles, skull crushers, close grip they all work well.
Remember not to over train your biceps. Triceps has three muscle heads so give it comparatively more time because you have to trigger all three heads to grow them.

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