Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Muscle strength and mass by pushups

Benefits of doing push ups

Q. It is impossible to increase muscle strength and mass by doing pushups? I think we can develop good pecs by doing pushups?

A. Not entirely impossible, but certainly inefficient and largely ineffective.

I still maintain that, even as a beginner, pushups are not the most efficient or effective way to develop your chest. I certainly understand the benefits of doing pushups in a case where you have no weights available and you need to work your chest (or in order to get the blood flowing regardless of whether or not your intention is to train your chest).

Put simply, pushups = good

Bench press = better

Keep in mind, that strength/mass gains appear most quickly for people who are just starting to train. To that end, for a beginner, literally any exercise will give you significant gains.

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Shronika Soni said...

Thanks for such in depth info on pushups, it sounds like they don't just work your arm muscles like I thought. I used to do them every day for years, getting up to around 20 pushups at once, but havn't done them for ages, you have inspired me to start again.