Thursday, July 16, 2009

West side barbell and deloading

As far as deloading is concerned, West side barbell incorporates your RE (repetition effort) days and DE (Dynamic Effort) days along with your primary workday called ME (Max Effort) day. All these three types of workouts are complementary to each other. The RE day is supposed to help your CNS recover after the ME day while the DE day helps in recruiting more of your fast twitch fibers (which also means it is highly CNS intensive).

Using conjugate periodization protocol, all three workouts can be done in one cycle. Another option is to alternate RE and DE days in 2 week cycles (Note : This is not written in stone).


As for eccentrics West side barbell, make use of high-tension bands and chains when they are squatting and benching.

The logic behind it is simple. Say when they are squatting (using bands), as they reach the top most standing position, there is already an additional load being applied due to the bands. Now when they start moving back into the squat position, they have to move down in a controlled manner as the BAND is exerting a much higher force on them. This additional force can actually be around 150% of their 1RM. This is usually done in their Max Effort days. The same goes for Chains.

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