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The female bodybuilders are on the edge of the woman universe?

Before all else we want to explain the reason for this dialogue. It is not an interview, not a debate, not a training program and not even a competition, since this would be necessary for a stage race. It is a conversation between two agonists bodybuilding, between two friends, including two women. Each of us has experienced a decade of training, dedication, and frequently with people (women and men), the joys and sorrows of bodybuilding. This is what matters, not whether we can "claim" even licenses competitions. We carried out the interview on dual lines: a kind of biography, a bibliography. We wanted to comment and confirm or even cutting off according to our experience, certain claims set forth in psychological studies on the personality of the woman athlete.

I told you that he decided the agony when you view muscled like those who competed in regional and national context. Also I have decided after watching a Grand Prix and a regional in 1991, in those years the female line was called "soft" and followed the criteria of femininity and tone, avoiding muscularity. I often asked the reasons that push the agony. Definitely the photos of Ms. Olympia Cory Everson and athletes like Rachel Mc Lish have influenced the decision to train and modify our appearance. Their bodies felt desirable legs and buttocks. I think those are the parts that every girl can definitely inferior to a bodybuilder. While appreciating the muscles of the chest must have already developed the aesthetic taste for bodybuilding "hard". Instead we decided to race under the stimulus of competitive fees within easy reach and after the example of girls whose commitment has lasted just one season as if they had made the race a bit 'as a joke and a bit' to bet. In short, we were inspired by high models but then we decided because it was easy getting out there.

Certainly in the second half of the eighties and early nineties the athletes were less muscular and had a very blurred definition of what we have now on the stage of the race. Spectator competitions that time, we were like you and I was thrilled to see a toned body, balanced, dry and muscular at the right point. There he was taking empathy and emulation.

In fact we have not had the patience or perhaps the courage to stick to those fees, which have since become anachronistic. Many athletes from that period that we know or have withdrawn (voluntarily or after the fiasco) or have opted for fitness. Cultures in many countries are few, even less when you consider the desertion to fitness. Seem to me that we did like that dog in London that followed the wolves howling wolf and became him well. I do not know if that progress towards greater muscularity and definition has been a sort of evolution of our sport (caused by athletes who are preparing more professional) or has been determined by a federal choice. In any case I like to follow. I realize that the physical fitness required more muscular and defined now involves greater sacrifices in training and nutrition, a position in front of the doping, a review of the concept and acceptance of self. Do not be surprised if a few women are willing to follow this path. When I was a trainer in the gym alongside the students recognize that my way of race and the sacrifices made to obtain it were an exaggeration, but with much less, could reach those results too recognize that beauty, as desired. Bodybuilding women may still have adherents in the form of fitness, but we are now talking of agony, and it is the women in competitive bodybuilding, which is suffering. I do not think that has helped the woman as a person entering fitness competitions, rather served the public of the most popular commercial product: a woman who meets the needs and expectations of a historical and cultural, not too muscular, sensual and intriguing, beautiful, but not too clever and athletic, dancer and in evening dress and high heels! I do not think evolution, and since I'm in the middle (ie in relation to fitness and hard I'm not this or that) for the sake of respecting the woman as a person, I give my full support to hard: they represent stronger affirmation of femininity seen in the last 20 years. The message that sport should be given to women is to have the courage to be what they want, like people said: "I want to be an inspiration for all women, not necessarily as a bodybuilder, but they may find the courage to come out to be what they want to be.

We have seen a real selection. With the evolution of the sport, driven mostly by the American model, has been a real split: on one hand there is the bodybuilding practiced exclusively in terms of aesthetics and the other based on the standard bodybuilding in the literal sense of the word, practice for a proper muscle development. For me it was bodybuilding's true! Bodybuilding is a sport with a sexual nature by default (as, once reserved for women synchronized swimming or boxing reserved for men.) Admit two types of bodybuilding seems to corroborate the stereotype that women are driven by the pursuit of aesthetic sense while the man tries to reaffirm his masculinity by means of force. Intrusions in the area of each other are seen as deviations. A woman who is keen to develop their muscles in the eyes of the people is not a man, an "androgynous." Usually we women bodybuilders are stamped "hermaphrodite" but first this term is used by most people do not know its exact meaning, and secondly, it is said that a woman athlete physically it is also psychologically androgynous (and vice versa) . On page 132 of the book we are reading is the definition of androgyny: "The androgyny is the coexistence in the same individual (man or woman) peculiarities of cultural psychology attributed to males and females." To understand the definition and stress that looks and androgynous personality may belong equally to a man or a woman, just think that a ballet dancer is androgynous in the same way as a Ms. Olympia.

Now that we have clarified the exact meaning of androgyny, we can say that is not an offensive term. apparent fact a woman "androgynous" assessed in a positive and a bearer of psychological emancipation compared to traditional roles. Would use the word "androgynous" to describe yourself?

Yes, because inside me coexist features such as sensitivity and aesthetic sense (typically female) and how the determination and willpower (historical and cultural characteristics attributed solely to the male sex). Only after starting bodybuilding determination and strength of will revealed the predominant than the woman who does not sport. Talking with other women, not a bodybuilder, I realize that I have less fear and hesitation in dealing with everyday problems that is particularly difficult circumstances.

Actually for me the qualities that I developed in training and agony I used to deal with studies with more force to study and demonstrate that sports are not irreconcilable. Charged with the loss exceeds the sum of the results and satisfaction which would if they were addressed separately in two different stages of life.

I recall that in 1991 in one month I faced twenty non-university exams with relative position, enabling the two competitions for teaching in the school and three races at the national level bodybuilding (and the latter took place only at distances of a week of each other).

The bodybuilding undoubtedly gives us the edge over to face life, gives us strength and inner awareness that has nothing to do with the look and body except in the sense that this is only the material result. I feel safe for the inner strength that has given me practice this sport and not for the armor of muscle that I built. That is not love a show outside of the gym and the stages of the race, my appearance. But doing something that makes me happy and gives me a way to express myself allows me to feel better with others, to be less frustrated and more sociable.

Contrary to popular belief, the bodybuilding socialization. Many times I have seen timid boys enter the gym for the first time and after a few months open genially with all other patrons. Many times the relationships that are born on the "battlefield" grow outside. Unfortunately, the bodybuilder types are considered unfriendly, surly, or simply to avoid a bunch of clowns because of some "black sheep" running show of clothing specifically for training, but ridiculous in the street.

As we have said we do well, women rarely flaunt their muscles outside the sporting context. Yet even they are injured, perhaps even more vehemently than they do to men, as if to yell to be out of fees set. One symptom of intolerance are already serious verbal exclamations and before the eyes insistent that they want you to believe a diverted. There are many prejudices that run and the surprising thing is that people will slam you in the face without shame and rudeness. I think that no bodybuilder agonist has been fortunate to be able to maintain outside of jokes about an alleged use of doping or an alleged loss of femininity, every bodybuilder is apostrophe as bloated and too big and flabby, while those same people would understand to be the big rude if he had the courage to say to an obese person. The fat gives less trouble to us, nobody will blame everyone and compassion. After all, she is not there to remind them what they do not have the courage to be. It seems that in the eyes of the people we are in contravention of a rule and we deserve to be mocked. But where was written this rule? And what kind of standard is? I do not worry if I tell other women with education and respect do not want similar. But, for me and for you and for all bodybuilders, it never happens that they do so politely and respectfully. Basically everyone should have the freedom to be himself, even a woman.

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