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An illustrated guide to get strong and defined abs?

Feedback on various returning visitors to my blog on bodybuilding, I found a recurring question about “What to do to show strong and defined abs?” This information is available in several articles I have written before, but then also I will summarize the general guidelines stating that everyone should adapt according to their conditions.

Training the middle area included within a comprehensive program of exercises is part of what must be done, depending on which exercises you have included in your routine, you are getting strength, muscle tone, or volume.

Most people doing a sport or training in the gym have sufficient strength and volume in the abdominal muscles, but the problem is that they remain hidden under a thin or thick layer of fat, so showing off that six pack of squares or abdomen requires some more to it.

Food is fundamental to maintain optimum body fat level, as is very true the saying that "we are what we eat” but we cannot take this statement literally. Anyone could assume that if I eat a little low fat, my muscles will be defined accordingly, but you should know that the human body is designed in a way that at times of shortage of food, it slows the energy in the body and fat ensures to provide sufficient energy in time.

This natural survival system works in everyone. If you eat few foods to keep your body in some form of fat, a part of the energy is obtained. Of course, if the deficiency is sustained over time, then it makes use of the reserves consumed first the fastest sources of energy, i.e., muscle tissue and then burn the stored fat.

At this point, the individual becomes malnourished and it leads to significant deficiencies that affect the normal functioning of organs and systems and also being prone to illnesses and serious physical impairments. This reality is clearly seen in people suffering from anorexia and/or bulimia.

A proper diet supplemented by exercise are the pillars for a strong middle zone defined muscles and mark the desired flat tummy that many want to look at the beach during the summer.

Do not just follow the fad diet to achieve, most of these diets are restrictive and when the well-known case rebound, if you lose 2 or 10 kilos then recover extremely easy and even more are finished even though will be coaching.

No need to "starving" and will have enough to eat and often to allow the body to burn stored fat, it seems a contradiction but it is not, success is achieved as how to structure the food.

I say some, and enjoy! I have resolved to eat a lot and especially when I please, before such force is better to stop and think a little, every one has to evaluate his physical condition, if you have more stored fat as ordinary people will be relatively easy to adjust your diet to lose the excess, if you are obese or predisposed to be, then in this situation, you may require the advice of a nutritionist or a good diet doctor.

By controlling what we eat, we speed up the metabolism to use more energy than consumed, making 5 to 7 meals a day is a way to achieve this. Do not misinterpret this statement, these meals should be small portions and together provide the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body without providing excess energy.

This guide can help to be sure to include the required nutrients but common sense is usually sufficient in food because you should not miss both animal proteins and vegetable, complex carbohydrates, fiber, low fat and low salt, not to mention drink lots of water all day to keep hydrated.

Combining a diet with 4 to 7 servings a day can be really difficult when you are in the office or in the workplace, not to mention those who travel frequently or are under heavy working conditions. Without going into details of how everyone can make it, here are some suggestions:

What should I eat in breakfast?

Breakfast is the first meal after several hours without providing food to the body, is essential to make this food every day, should be nutritious enough energy contributing to the new day. Include in your breakfast, quality protein like eggs or tuna, along with carbohydrates that you can get two slices of bread (also provides fiber) along with some fruit jam, fruit juice without sugar, and some coffee with sugar. Try combinations containing oatmeal, as it is a complete food you should have in your daily diet.

What should I eat in lunch?

The lunch should include low fat, low salt, grilled chicken over salad greens with some boiled rice, not have to eat the same thing, looking for combinations that provide nutrients and low in calories: a piece of grilled lean meat with potatoes steamed over tomato and lettuce salad, also you can make a dish of lentils, or turkey, baked fish for protein. Carbohydrates come from foods without starches, so avoid flour, sweets, desserts and pastries in general.

What should I eat in dinner?

At dinner again include some protein and few carbohydrates. This is food that you do before bedtime. A tuna salad greens and maybe a potato to steam vegetables with some meat, but soy protein prepared salad combinations depend on your tastes.

The other meals to complete the suggested four to seven can occur in several ways. At midmorning, a fruit (apple, pear, peach, banana, etc.) or a protein bar, mid-afternoon a protein shake in water, before training a handful of nuts, after training with another protein shake a banana. These are for the most practical alternatives that you can combine with your tastes and activities.

When you cannot make a breakfast with the feet under the table, opt for a smoothie or a meal replacement ready to mix with water only. Do not do this in routine, any preparations of this type can permanently replace a good meal with natural products.

The idea is to eat well, correcting habits of diet to something healthy and enjoyable. If you do not like oats, do not push yourself to take it, but not replace it with a cheesecake. If you do not like beans or lentils test creams make these vegetables and not a substitute for a pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni.

If you do not have time for lunch, but you should have it, nothing happens as long as the condition is not daily, even more important at all times must be you take care of eating well, drink enough water during the day and train properly.

In summary, a balanced diet low in calories distributed in 4 to 7 servings a day, accompanied with proper training over hydration will give you the opportunity to look smooth musculature which includes a markedly flat abdomen.

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