Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cardio plus weights plus diet is equal to toning

Cardio + Weights + Diet = Toning
First there are actually three zones:)
(1) heavy weights/low reps; for powerlifters mostly for strength training
(2) heavy weight/8-12 reps; mostly used by body builders for growing muscles, you can also mix with (1)
(3) light weight/more than 12 reps or circuits; toning because this is aerobic workout some what like cardio.

Here is the latest science; working out weights increases the metabolism for up to 48 hours after your work out, which will help toning. Low speed cardio with long minutes (45-60min) only increases the metabolism up to 2 hours, although you burn more calories. So for toning best advice work out like (2) or circuit and cardio short (20-30 min) with intervals or pyramids (increase up speed then start to decrease) or hills (which also helps the endurance).

How to increase body size (mostly arms and chest)?

It depends on three objects.

1) The way you train yourself.

2) Diet

3) Rest

You make all these three objects straight in a line and you will achieve what you want.

1) Moving the weight in fast manner will help igniting your fast twitching muscles that are easy to grow and you need to keep increasing the weight or the reps to make sure that your body How to increase body size (mostly- arms & chest)?doesn’t get use to the workout you are doing.

2) Right combination of carbs and proteins will help you gain size. You need 1.4 grams of proteins per every pound of your body to gain any size plus carbs have to be in 50% proportion of your meal. You need to eat a lot.

3) At least 8 hours of sleep will make your soaring muscles heal back. When you rest, body starts development work.

Basically, it all depends on your body type and the kind of workouts you need to do to develop it. Firstly, analyze you body type and then ask for a schedule according to your body requirements for the development phase and then only you will get good desired results in a short span of time.

Also important is your diet and the rest. You don’t get the muscles because you workout, you get the muscles because you heal them, when you rest! About the diet, its even more important than supplements.

How squats and deadlifts increase your waist size?

Shoulder exercises for strengthening dislocated shoulder

How to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles with exercises

Start with less weight and begin with machines and then slowly get back to free weights.

Three exercises which you should NEVER do because they fu#k your shoulders:

1. Lat pulldowns/Chinups/Presses behind the neck.

2. Upright row

3. Flies (If your shoulders are fine, then it is okay, but avoid this if yoy have shoulder problems).

The best way to avoid further dislocations (called recurrent shoulder dislocation) is to have strong deltoid muscles, following lightweight and free hand exercises is going be of great help.

1. Push-ups or dips

2. Shoulder flies

3. Shoulder front raise

P.S: For all exercises requiring weights, first use Thera-Bands and then opt for dumbbell or other equipment.

Tips for developing good muscle cuts

Bodybuilding and muscle training questions

  1. Visibility of muscles and muscle cuts depends upon your body fat percentage, get ripped and lean for better muscle cuts.

  1. Your diet should be good in protein, moderate to low in carbohydrates (slow carbs of low GI) and high in fiber.

  1. Cutting down carbs after late evening helps a lot. Your dinner should be high in fiber.

  1. Heavy weight training of bigger muscles (compound movements) like legs, back will burn more calories with slow to moderate cardio accompanied with right diet will give you instant results.

In addition of the above tips, it is very imp not to lose hard earned muscle while cutting down, muscle cannot be retained only when you create an environment that makes sure that muscles are needed, i.e., you should lift as heavy weights as you can along with proper form of cardio and diet and you should be varying from heavy -light-medium to keep muscles guessing and to attain ripped status.

I know people who have achieved low body fats (visible cuts) with routines like 5x5, 3x5 and de Franco so that pretty much clears that the magic doesn't lies in weights and the real treat is in what? Well if you ask me, then I will tell you that adding fiber and proteins in your diet up to 60% and using carbs as pre workout. Simple cardio HIIT will help after your workouts and if you are worried about not to lose your hard gained muscles, then search carb cycling and zigzag diet.