Monday, July 13, 2009

I am a beginner and need help on workout and diet plan

I received an email from Sourav today saying

Question: "I m a beginner and regular to the gym for the past 4 months. I am 5'3" and 55 kg.

Though there was a very slight change in my physique within first 6 weeks of going to the gym but now things have been stagnant. My body-size (arms, chest, etc) isn't growing, though I have change my workout chart every 1.5-2 months.

Currently this is my schedule:

(3x15 each)

DAY 1 (Legs + back):
Leg Press
Thigh Curl
Dumbell Rowing
Reverse Curls

DAY 2(Chest + Shoulders + Arms):
Bench Press
Laying pullover
Shoulder Press
Alternate D. press
Triceps Pushups
Triceps Curl (Barbell)
" " (Dumbell)
Biceps Curl (Barbell)
" " (Dumbell)

Bread/Cornflakes in the morning.
A fruit (banana/mango/grapes) after an hour
Rice+Dal+sabzi+beef for lunch
Workout in the evening
Post workout: 2-3 eggs+glass of milk
3 roti+ sabzi/chicken for dinner"

My answer: I keep it simple.

Adopt any workout plan from internet like 5X5 , 3X5 , Defranco or ABC.

Search diet plans over internet. Multiply your body weight with 16 or 20 and take that amount of calories. Divide your year into 3 phases like bulking, cutting, and strength. Workout plans doesn't mean much and it is more about your diet. Increase the servings of carbs and proteins into your daily meals.


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