Tuesday, July 14, 2009

For good triceps and biceps

How to start bodybuilding and get in good shape?

Do preacher (strict), heavy barbell curls, 21s, and heavy alternate curls. If you want more mass, then also include heavy "half barbell curls" in a seated position, since you are not stretching your arms all the way down and executing only half motion you will be able to do more heavy, remember one thing that in the negatives while lowering barbell, don't rest it in your thighs.

For triceps, if you want thickness, then do parallel bar dips, reverse bench dips with weights. These two also work the tendons along with the muscles, skull crushers, close grip they all work well.
Remember not to over train your biceps. Triceps has three muscle heads so give it comparatively more time because you have to trigger all three heads to grow them.

Muscle strength and mass by pushups

Benefits of doing push ups

Q. It is impossible to increase muscle strength and mass by doing pushups? I think we can develop good pecs by doing pushups?

A. Not entirely impossible, but certainly inefficient and largely ineffective.

I still maintain that, even as a beginner, pushups are not the most efficient or effective way to develop your chest. I certainly understand the benefits of doing pushups in a case where you have no weights available and you need to work your chest (or in order to get the blood flowing regardless of whether or not your intention is to train your chest).

Put simply, pushups = good

Bench press = better

Keep in mind, that strength/mass gains appear most quickly for people who are just starting to train. To that end, for a beginner, literally any exercise will give you significant gains.

Benefits of doing quick push ups

Benefits of doing push ups

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Q. I do pushups is it good chest workout? Or is it more of a cardio fitness exercise? I am a total beginner here.

Though, pushups are plyometric exercises. Don't expect to sprout a large, developed chest doing pushups. I suppose if you went nuts on them you'd get close to that, but pushups are used for like, martial artists or boxers and stuff like that, because its explosive.

If you want to get a muscled chest and without doing pushups like a Navy Seal, weights are the way to go.

For just starting off, pushups are great. You can develop your chest to an extent, as pushups do not have to be done in a plyometric manner. But don't do pushups on a daily basis, as your body will still need time to recover. And by changing up the style of pushup, you can focus on not only your chest, but also your triceps and front deltoids.

Pushups promote muscular endurance. They do not, however, promote hypertrophy (i.e. an increase in muscle mass).