Friday, September 18, 2009

Shirley Andeson's Review of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery HubMob Weekly

Hey this week Shirley Anderson of hubnuggets at hubpages has displayed some really useful articles (hubs) on Plastic cosmetic and aesthetic surgery options available.

Here is the link to that great Hubmob Weekly Update Hub

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery HubMob: "Cosmetic Plastic Surgery HubMob"

The participating hubs are:

1. Mastopexy - Cosmetic Surgery for Sagging Breasts and Male Breasts

2. Is the Western World's quest for perfection getting out of hand?

3. Liposuction_

4. Breast Enhancement - Vanity or Essential?

5. 9 Things You Should Know Before Having a Cosmetic Surgery

6. Cosmetic Lifting Procedures for buttock, thigh, and face areas

7. Designer Vaginas - An Alarming New Trend

8. An illustrated guide to facial cosmetic surgery and Botox injections

9. Perfectly Cut Up and Drilled for Nothing - When Perfection Goes Wrong

10. Its never been so easy, to keep that perfect smile

11. Modern Cosmetic Surgery - Liposuction Procedure

12. Vaginal Rejuvenation

11. An Alternative to Painful Liposuction - Revolutionary Liposculpture

The participating hubbers are:

myself soni2006, ethel smith, envoy, redelf, emievil, catharine r, Patty Inglish, MS, and Anath

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Best of luck.