Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Health Benefits of Soy Lecithin

The properties of soy lecithin are suitable for use in soy weight loss diets because it benefits in mobilizing fat stores in the body to facilitate digestion and accelerate and improve intestinal absorption to protect the liver, lower cholesterol, facilitate blood circulation, improve mental performance, and memory capacity. The soy lecithin is also used as an additive in the manufacture of chocolates, mayonnaise, and pastries. The food industry use the many beneficial properties of lecithin including to reduce or prevent the modification of fats as being an excellent natural antioxidant and an emulsifier that improves the digestibility of fat and enhances the flavor. In the cosmetics industry, lecithin is also used as an emulsifier and antioxidant substance to increase the stability of the cosmetic product and ensure homogeneous distribution of body fat around various parts of body. Consumption of soy lecithin helps in getting defined abs and better health and nutrition.

Health Benefits of Soy Lecithin

Many people use lecithin soy on a consistent basis. They usually take for it is a great anticholesterol formula, but it has many more benefits including:

Soy lecithin is a fat complex (phospholipid) that is obtained from soybean oil, contains essential fatty acids such as choline, inositol and phosphoric acid, two major antioxidants such as Pro-Vitamin A and Vitamin E and minerals like phosphorus , calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium.

1. Soy lecithin lowers cholesterol, maintains blood cholesterol in suspension, preventing them from depositing in blood vessels and promoting their elimination. Prevents cardiovascular disease and lowers blood pressure.
2. Soy lecithin prevents liver diseases like hepatitis, liver failure, and so on. because it prevents the deposition of fat in the liver (low triglyceride levels).
3. Soy lecithin helps in digestion.
4. Soy lecithin balances the nervous system, choline and lecithin are important in the transmission of nerve impulses, acetylcholine (derived from the hill) is one of the major neurotransmitters. It is very useful in cases of nerve problems, depression, etc..
5. Soy lecithin increases mental performance.
6. Soy lecithin slows down aging of cells.

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