Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Is Aerobics - Benefits of this Exercise

The word aerobic literally means "With Oxygen (O2). But to understand this approach, we first delve certain basic principles regarding the production of energy in our body. Energy is simply the ability to perform work. The contraction of the muscles that allow us to walk or move, the growth of new tissue in children and even adults during recovery from injury are some of the different forms of physical or biological energy-requiring. But let's go a little further and find out where it comes from all that energy we need to develop the work.

Do you think you are using energy in the room while practicing aerobics comes from the sun?.

If that is true, the energy we are using our muscles to contract originates in the sun, but it is not possible to absorb energy while you're exercising in the sun. This need to transform solar light energy to chemical energy that the body can use. The transformation of this energy is initiated when bright green plants absorb it through the process of photosynthesis. The plants start producing this string very simple synthetic compounds such as water and carbon dioxide in the presence of light, complex food molecules contain a large amount of chemical energy stored as glucose, carbohydrates, fats and proteins . Humans and animals can get energy by eating plants and using them as fuel.

Along the route of solar energy to reach not think of any human power establishment. Neither the humans nor plants can create energy. All that happens is a transformation. Humans, after eating the plants, turn them back into energy. At this point, energy can be used for biological work or stored for later use. The main storage sites, are: adipose tissue, skeletal muscle and liver. But none of these transformations will be 100% effective. In fact, humans, use or store, less than half the energy available in the food we eat. The energy used or lost not transformed into heat escapes. The following equation expresses the relationship or balance between the energy entering the body and used, stored, and lost.

Incoming energy = Energy Stored Energy Used + + Energy lost.

Before use, energy must first be converted into a compound called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The fact that ATP has a lot of energy, is due in large part to the way it is structured. The last phosphate group, adheres to the excess of the molecule through a union of "high energy". When this union is broken phosphate group is released, while a substantial amount of energy. The end result is the adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and phosphate (P). This breakdown of ATP is the only source of energy to develop muscle contraction, and all the energy stored in the body must first convert it into ATP before it can be used during exercise. This reaction produced by ATP is also a reversible reaction, ie ATP can be synthesized again if there is a source of ADP, P and energy.


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