Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to Strengthen your Lower Back with Weighted Ball Hyperextension

This compound exercise trains your lower back along with your gluteus, hamstrings, and middle back.  It is an intermediate-level exercise that requires the use of an exercise ball to target your lower back.  You have the option of using a set of weights or not.  If you are new to this exercise, keep the weights off until you are trained enough to use them.

Do your stretches and warm-ups before this exercise.  Pick a plate of weights that you can easily carry as you press up on the ball.  Make sure that the plate that you have chosen does not cause any unnecessary strain for it can be easy to have a back injury with the wrong plate.  Lie face down on the exercise ball making sure that your torso is pressing against it.  Position yourself so that you are parallel to the floor.  Balance yourself using the balls of your feet planted firmly on the floor. Hold on to your plate and position it either beneath your chin or behind your neck.  Choose a position where you will be most comfortable to prevent injuring your lower back.  This will be your starting position.
Exhale as you slowly raise your torso up with the use of your lower back.  Keep on bending upwards from the waist until you reach the peak of motion.  Hold that position for a second, keeping the contraction in your lower back.  Inhale as you slowly go back to starting position.  Repeat with the number of recommended reps and sets.

Written by Jay Bourne of UltimateFitnessGear, Getinsanity and start your total body transformation.

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