Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Types of Home Workouts You Will Actually Enjoy

Most of us really don't like to exercise, but it is common knowledge that without the right amount of exercise each day, we are not going to be as healthy as we could be. In fact, not getting enough exercise can lead to a number of health problems, including obesity. But there are a lot of us who fee insecure about working out with others at health clubs and would rather do our exercising in private. Home workouts are becoming more and more popular all the time, and with so many new workout machines that are made specifically for home use, working out at home has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Weight Training

If you are interested in weight training for muscle tone and weight loss, there are all kinds of weight machines that will give you an excellent workout. Just remember not to be blinded by all of the fancy gadgets that many of today's weight machines have. Really, all you need for weight training are some hand weights, a couple of dumbbells and barbells, and an old-fashioned universal weight machine, which is a lot less expensive than many of the newer machines on the market, that do exactly the same thing.


Yoga is an extremely popular form of exercise, and, can easily be done at home, even in the tiniest of apartments because you only need a few feet of space to lay your yoga mat. There are all kinds of great videos with yoga workouts, and there are also a few television programs where instructors will teach you the various postures. One thing to remember is that it is very easy to do many of these postures incorrectly, so you may want to take a few classes, at least at first, to learn how to do the postures properly.


Although you may need a bit more space for running around, aerobics are another fun exercise you can do at home, and you don' t need any special equipment, just some comfortable workout clothes and a good pair of sneakers. If you have taken aerobics classes in the past, you can create your own workouts. Or, there are many videos available that have complete aerobic workouts that you can do in less than a half an hour. When all else fails, crank up your stereo and dance around the house. Dancing is a great form of aerobic exercise.

No matter what type of exercise you choose to do, remember just because you are working out at home, you don't have an   excuse to slack off. Stick to a regular schedule, and make sure you get at least a half hour of exercise each day for a lean, toned and healthy body.

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