Monday, August 9, 2010

How to increase body mass and lose weight at the same time?

Question: I am in the process of weight loss. Currently I am 5 ft 8 inches and 90 KG. I joined the gym for a couple of days. I want to reduce up to 70 kg and waist 30 inches. Brother guide me in this matter. What is the best diet and exercises for me? I also want to increase body mass at the same time. I read your bio that you also lost some bulky fat so want to know you expert advice.

Answer: Hi, I will tell you what I have done for reducing weight. You can use these steps for losing weight and gaining body mass.

1.    You can start with eating small meals at frequent intervals. For example if you eat three meals during a day make them five but make them small. If you eat after 5 hours, start eating after three hours while you are awake.

2.    Regarding exercise, start with cardio and bicycling in the gym. If do not want to go gym start going to local parks and do light jogging at least 2 kilometers per day.

3.    Then start including pushups and light warm up exercises from day 5.

4.    From day 10, join a gym and increase your exercises with doing chest presses, light dumbbells combined with cardio, treadmill, bicycling, etc.

5.    Now slowly and slowly increase the intensity. You will notice a decline in your overall weight from 2nd month. Don't compromise with your diet and at the same time don't eat spicy food.

6.    Now increase the intensity more and more and finally you will see a weight loss of 5 to 8 kilograms in the fifth month. If you want to maintain weight and increase body mass, keep on doing the same exercises and if want to lose more weight, keep on changing your workout schedules after hitting the maximum point of one exercise schedule. Read about weight lifting and bodybuilding schedules in this blog. Just type "bodybuilding schedules" in the search button above.

7.    Take a good night sleep, avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, tandoori chicken is fine but avoid fried items.

I will post more information in my next post.

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