Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to Perform Oblique Pulley Exercise?

Oblique pulley is performed high standing with feet apart at a distance slightly greater than width of shoulders. One hand should be gripping the pulley into a fist and the other hand at the waist.

The movement is to make a lateral flexion of trunk on side of pulley and then slowly returning to the starting position.

This exercise mainly works out internal and external oblique abdominals, side where bending occurs. To a lesser extent, this exercise also works the lumbar table and back muscles.

For getting maximum effectiveness from oblique pulley exercise, I recommend long series of alternating one side and than the other without breaks between them. The number of sets may vary depending on weight of pulleys. The more weight you will add up, the lower the number of sets are to be performed.

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It is always advisable to start with light weights and then gradually increase.

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