Sunday, August 8, 2010

Facts You Need to Know About Nutritional Supplements

There are a lot of supplements on the market these days. It used to be that only bodybuilders took nutritional supplements but that has all changed recently. Since so many people are starting to take a real interest in their health and nutritional intake, supplement companies have seen that there is a lot of money to be made. If you’re wondering whether or not you should take supplements, take a few minutes to read over the following list of facts.

•    Supplements can be beneficial. If you’re diet is like most people’s it is lacking in at least a few areas. Supplements can provide your body with the nutrients lacking in a normal whole food diet. This doesn’t mean that you should start taking supplements. You may be lacking vitamin C in your diet but that doesn’t mean you have to start taking a lot of different pills. You could add a few fruits to your diet to save money on supplements. However, supplements do make getting needed nutrients a lot easier for people on the go. If you need vitamin C but don’t like orange juice and don’t feel like eating several pieces of fruit each day, a Vitamin C supplement may be the best solution for you.

•    Nutritional supplements shouldn’t be thought of as drugs. If you find a supplement that is crammed full of ingredients and promises to give you the same benefits you would get from steroids, human growth hormone or other illegal drugs, don’t buy it. Over-hyped products that try to sell you steroid-like results should be avoided at all costs and shouldn’t even be considered a true nutritional supplement at all.

•    The fact is that most of our diets are lacking in some big ways. The typical American diet is loaded with empty, nutritionally deficient calories. Many people find it very difficult to eat healthy. People are working a lot and lead busy lives and find it hard to sit down and eat healthy foods. Supplements can help these people get the nutrients they need when they are on the run. It’s better to get the daily minimum requirements of nutrients from a supplement than to not get them at all.

Be sure to do some research and check out information online about any supplements you are considering. Go with brands that have a good reputation. Don’t waste your money on supplements that promise huge, unrealistic benefits. Take a common-sense approach to get the most out of nutritional supplements.

Article written by Donna Ferris of Ultimate Fitness Gear, your top source for the Shaun t Insanity Workout.

The Newest Workout Equipment to Transform Your Fitness Program

If you watch television at all, you have probably seen some crazy new workout equipment on some of the infomercials. It seems like every week a new “miracle” exercise machine or program comes out that promises to give you the fitness results you’ve always dreamed of. Some of these exercise gadgets look decent but others look like the cast-offs of a mad scientist. You don’t have to get the latest, greatest gadgets that are advertised on TV but sometimes it helps to stay on top of what’s new in the exercise equipment industry to see if any new products might help you achieve your fitness goals.

Here are a few, relatively new pieces of exercise equipment that can make intense workouts more productive.

•    Kettle-bells – Though Kettle-bells have actually been around for decades, they have only recently become popular in the United States. Kettle-bells are essential free-weights but they are designed a lot differently than the weights you might be used to working out with. Instead of a dumbbell, or barbell with weight evenly distributed on both sides, kettle-bells have one large ball of weight directly underneath a handle. The way that the weight is distributed on a kettle-bell makes working out with it more difficult, challenging and more likely to produce results. If you’ve worked out with free-weights in the past, you might be surprised that even light kettle-bells can be very difficult to work with until you get used to them.

•    Heavy Duty Grip Trainers. You may have used grip trainers before. These staples of strong man competitions are typically made with plastic handles and can usually be closed very easily by just about anyone. There are newer heavy duty grippers on the market that really put your grip strength to the test. Some of these grip trainers provide in excess of 100 lbs of pressure. These kinds of grip trainers can take your workout experience to a whole new level. On the heavy lifts your grip is often the weakest link in the chain. A stronger grip means the ability to lift more weight, which equals increased strength and muscle development.

Kettle-bells and heavy duty grip trainers are just a few pieces of workout equipment that you might want to add to your collection. These pieces of workout gear can get you on the path to amazing new breakthroughs in the weight room and can make it easier to attain your fitness goals.

Written by J.J. Gibbons of Ultimate Fitness Gear, your top source for the Insanity Workout routine. Get Insanity now.