Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pilates for core strengthening, improved breathing and physical therapy

It is a very common question asked by fitness freaks that what should I do to improve my breathing, get some physical therapy, and strengthen my core muscles through a single workout technique and I always suggest Pilates not because this is better than yoga or aerobics or zumba workouts but just because its outputs are core strengthening, physiotherapy, and improved breathing.

Initiated by a self starter, Joseph Pilates, who had breathing disease like asthma, autoimmune disorders like rheumatic fever, and rickets, Pilates has become one of the top choices of fitness enthusiasts.

A girl doing Pilates on exercise ball

Yes, you can conquer your shortness of breath with Pilates and also strengthen your core muscles. This is the reason why Pilates has been recommend by various physical medicine doctors as a second line of physical treatment.

Pilates Core Strengthening Mat Workout Video

It is also a true fact that if yoga gives your calmness, mental relaxation, centrology, better control over your brain and body parts than Pilates teaches you contrology and ability to maintain your body at difficult times. This is the reason why Pilates workout is also loved by martial art specialists.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Martial Arts - Science of Power Punching

Practicing martial arts is the best way to improve the speed and power of your punch. Weightlifting has very little benefit at all towards punching power. If you want to learn martial arts, you can weight lift as a means of keeping your body strong and prevent injuries, not for increasing the power of your punches.

Powerful punches have a lot to do with muscle memory and correct technique which comes from lots of repetition. The power in a punch comes not from putting more muscle into the movement so to speak, but rather the snap at the end of the punch.

Think of your arm like a whip and the end result you are looking for is the clean “snap” that it makes. That’s where the power and the speed lies. A simple mental image that Bruce Lee told his students was to finish the punch 2 inches beyond the intended striking point to generate the necessary follow-through to get that power. But of course I am speaking from the pure standpoint of kung fu or karate. If you practice grappling or ground fighting as well, then weightlifting is a must.

Many people when they punch actually use their biceps and triceps in opposition, making a slower, generally more rubbish punch. The best way to get martial-arts ability is martial arts training. Do weight training, maintain a healthy and nutritional diet, but also take martial arts on the side. In the gym you are working anaerobically, martial arts will give you the aerobics you need as well as conditioning. Most oriental arts, including kendo, aikido, etc, are more repetitive training, so in the end, you will be increasing your muscle hypertrophy but at the same time burning off fat achieving a more ripped look. Toned muscles actually are 20% more efficient, so through martial arts, you actually learn the science of power punching.

Breaking plateaus between workouts

Since college I haven't really had any issue with plateau, biggest mistake I made back in the day was overtraining. I was in the Gym all the time and I just started to get frustrated. Since building muscle is really not happening when you lift, but when you rest and repair. Don't count out the quality of rest and nutrition. Tossing in a week off every now and again is wise.

Here are a few more things you can do to break plateaus:
I have learned some techniques from a strength trainer friend of mine that keys on your tempo during lifting. Take the bench for instance. Many people will keep the same tempo both up and down. I've been training on pressing up as fast as possible, then 3 count down. This tempo concept has been one of the biggest improvements to my lifting routine.

Indian Army Men Bodybuilding - Know Your Army Better Show in Madurai, India

A few other things you can do, if you are benching, curling a lot with bar, switch and do a total dumbell week. I usually cycle each week with Dumbell and Barbell workouts.

If you work out 3 times a week, you can switch off working back with chest, and back with biceps. If you look at the exercises, your pressing with bench, tris and your pulling with back and biceps. Do a press/pull (tri/bi), (chest/back) one week, and press/press (chest, tri), pull/pull (back, bi).

There is also the periodization concept for lifting which is a pretty well planned out routine, with each week at growing intensity. Example a typical 4 week cycle could be as follows (example Dumbell Curls):
Week 1 - 15 Reps x 4 Sets @ 30 lbs
Week 2 - 10 Reps x 3 Sets @ 40 lbs
Week 3 - 8 Reps x 3 Sets @ 50 lbs
Week 4 - 5 Reps x 2 Sets @ 65 lbs

There's a variety of ways that I have seen periodization programs laid out and this is just one example.

Another big thing that has already been said is switching exercises. I try not to do the same exact exercise for a muscle group for more than 3 or 4 weeks in a row. This doesn’t let the saturation point to come and when we exercise different muscle groups, the previous muscle groups get time to recover and recuperate saving us from feelings of extreme tiredness or fatigue making it easy for us to break plateaus.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Throw Away Steroids - Start Aerobic Training

Winstrol is too toxic to liver. It is DHT, baldness, bad skin, bad odor, prostrate.

Don’t look into steroids just to lose some extra layers of fats.

If you don’t do aerobic training, nothing will work.

Try the following with frequent small meals

1. Get green tea extract if you can and take it everyday as recommended..

2. Fat burners (Ephedra free) with regular cardio.

3. ECA stack (ephedra, caffeine, aspirin) stack for cutting. Ephedrine (only use it if you could tolerate it), Aspirin, Caffeine (coffee doesn’t bother me, I m not sure about you).
More information on this stack is on other sites, it is proven to work...

4. Clenbuterol for a 14 day cycle, after 2 weeks of use it is useless.

Don’t try everything at once, just one at a time, try green tea at first, maybe that will do what you want.

Try doing a one arm pull up.

If you can do one, you don’t need steroids, just improve your diet to lose fats. @ 2lbs fats per week.

If you cannot do one, then take one year to do one or more one arm pull up. Once you do it, you are ready for a beginner cycle.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Losing fat, building abs - myths and facts

There are various people who are confused what works for losing weight and building abs and what not. Below are some myths and facts for losing fat and getting abs. I hope you will enjoy it.

Warm up and cool down with stretches. Stretches result in finer muscle tone.

No it doesn't. Muscle tone refers to the activity in the muscle at any given time. This increases with any and all exercises, but hardly from stretching.

Don’t use machines: My personal opinion

This one is correct. It’s an established scientific fact.

Try to include equipment which forces balance such as a resistance ball, a medicine ball.

Stabilizers get more than enough work simply by doing heavy traditional lifts, like bench press or squats, especially when a belt is not worn. There is no need to use balancing balls or anything else.

A medicine ball is not used for balance or stability, but for plyometrics and ballistic training.

Make sure you do 10 pushups daily and as often as you can with a very fast form.

Periodized training is better.

Take proper rests but make sure they don’t exceed 40 seconds.

You mean rest between sets? Close enough - the recommendation is usually 1 minute of rest.

Try things like kicking and skipping at home whenever you get the chance.

Here, I would suggest a regular march home. Seeing a grown man skipping home is ... you know... a little weird.

If you are thin it doesn’t mean you can madly munch on carbs and fats.

Unless you are trying to gain weight.

Hot water + lime reduces fat

Hot water + lime tends to aid digestion. It does not directly effect in terms of a six pack but if you look at like a chain reaction, it can help.

Reflexology helps lose fat

As for the reflexology bit, it boosts growth hormone, I learned that during acupressure classes, so the method here would be to increase the speed of recovery as well as aid in muscular growth. For a good body, good health in general is something I always find vital

Deep breathing burns fat

Deep breathing is something very good for the body, I don't know why but that’s what all the yoga guys and martial arts teachers (the good ones) have been telling, dizziness comes from improper or you can say forced deep breathing but the guided controlled ability to frequently breathe deep without getting dizzy would be good for your body in general, especially for the skin *Ayurveda record*

Again, good body = better stamina = more cardio done = six packs sooner.

Cheese, ghee, and oils should be avoided for losing weight

A reason to avoid cheese and ghee is they carry a lot of calories, its upon the person whether he wants to go for the good qualities of cheese and ghee with the cost of much extra calories or does he want to avoid them and ultimately do less calorie burning to get his fat level down.

Stretches are helpful in getting defined abs

In Yoga, I learned stretching tends to increase metabolism which is why I am so damn up for it, and it definitely lengthens muscle too, certain stretches which work on the abdominals tend to give the abs better tone.

Medicine ball:
Medicine Ball pushup
Medicine ball abs

I think these have some effect on increasing overall fat loss more than the usual stuff. So above were a few myths and facts about losing fat and building perfect abs or well defined abs. I hope you must have enjoyed all the details. If yes, please leave a comment as your feedback.

Importance of Protein In Bodybuilding and Weight Lifting

Protein is the key with bodybuilding and weightlifting. Protein is the stuff your body uses to make tissue. So to grow muscle (or anything else) you need available protein. Protein is not the primary energy provider (that are carbs and fat). A high-protein diet requires plenty of water too, to digest and utilize properly.

In addition to meals, protein is best used for recovery. Two circumstances in particular apply:

1) Immediately after training, when your protein levels are low and cortisol levels are high; protein taken now will prevent nasty little colds and bugs from clobbering you.

2) Overnight, when your body is doing its repair thing; protein taken before bed will speed recovery and aid growth. You need to get plenty of sleep for this to be effective.

I've used raw egg, whey, and soy protein. The most convenient and nicest IMO are the wheys. Eggs I found hard to digest, soy was just plain nasty. Your mileage may vary. Protein powders mix pretty easily into milk, water, juice or anything you like - experiment to find a combination that suits you.

Apparently (according to peer-reviewed research) whey is best and soy is to be avoided. Casein and egg are good to have in addition to whey.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Get Slim At Home

Many people tend to search for exercise with which they can reduce weight without leaving the luxuries of home. There are several home work out sessions that have been developed over the years by many people which have been tried and tested. These exercises tend to work and people have succeeded in losing weights of up to 50 pounds. People after adapting these exercises have also been able to make their own exercise routines which they can practice at home and have succeeded in shedding a lot of weight.

The best at-home exercise that has been tried and tested and has proven to help in losing weight most effectively is the cardio exercise. Workouts that are related to cardio works by raising your heart rate which in turn burns the fat content of the body and that too at a great speed. Cardio exercises include running, jogging, brisk walk, high jumps, hiking, tracking etc.

Another awesome technique that you can employ at home to lose extra weight is by lifting weights. Now all of you must be thinking that weight lifting equipment is expensive and not many can afford it. It is for this purpose advisable to use your own body as weight lifting equipment. This sounds weird but it is not. Many of you will be familiar with this practice. Push-ups, pulls-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups and other forms of similar exercises use your own body weight to promote muscle building and strengthen them.

Lastly, an exercise that is worth mentioning here is yoga. It is a great technique to lose weight from home that has been tested for ages. To perform yoga, you do not need any kind of specialized exercise equipment. Yoga promotes mental stability along with giving a great physical fitness satisfaction. Yoga tremendously helps in improving the flexibility of your body as well.

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