Thursday, March 17, 2011

Importance of Protein In Bodybuilding and Weight Lifting

Protein is the key with bodybuilding and weightlifting. Protein is the stuff your body uses to make tissue. So to grow muscle (or anything else) you need available protein. Protein is not the primary energy provider (that are carbs and fat). A high-protein diet requires plenty of water too, to digest and utilize properly.

In addition to meals, protein is best used for recovery. Two circumstances in particular apply:

1) Immediately after training, when your protein levels are low and cortisol levels are high; protein taken now will prevent nasty little colds and bugs from clobbering you.

2) Overnight, when your body is doing its repair thing; protein taken before bed will speed recovery and aid growth. You need to get plenty of sleep for this to be effective.

I've used raw egg, whey, and soy protein. The most convenient and nicest IMO are the wheys. Eggs I found hard to digest, soy was just plain nasty. Your mileage may vary. Protein powders mix pretty easily into milk, water, juice or anything you like - experiment to find a combination that suits you.

Apparently (according to peer-reviewed research) whey is best and soy is to be avoided. Casein and egg are good to have in addition to whey.

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