Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Martial Arts - Science of Power Punching

Practicing martial arts is the best way to improve the speed and power of your punch. Weightlifting has very little benefit at all towards punching power. If you want to learn martial arts, you can weight lift as a means of keeping your body strong and prevent injuries, not for increasing the power of your punches.

Powerful punches have a lot to do with muscle memory and correct technique which comes from lots of repetition. The power in a punch comes not from putting more muscle into the movement so to speak, but rather the snap at the end of the punch.

Think of your arm like a whip and the end result you are looking for is the clean “snap” that it makes. That’s where the power and the speed lies. A simple mental image that Bruce Lee told his students was to finish the punch 2 inches beyond the intended striking point to generate the necessary follow-through to get that power. But of course I am speaking from the pure standpoint of kung fu or karate. If you practice grappling or ground fighting as well, then weightlifting is a must.

Many people when they punch actually use their biceps and triceps in opposition, making a slower, generally more rubbish punch. The best way to get martial-arts ability is martial arts training. Do weight training, maintain a healthy and nutritional diet, but also take martial arts on the side. In the gym you are working anaerobically, martial arts will give you the aerobics you need as well as conditioning. Most oriental arts, including kendo, aikido, etc, are more repetitive training, so in the end, you will be increasing your muscle hypertrophy but at the same time burning off fat achieving a more ripped look. Toned muscles actually are 20% more efficient, so through martial arts, you actually learn the science of power punching.


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