Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pilates for core strengthening, improved breathing and physical therapy

It is a very common question asked by fitness freaks that what should I do to improve my breathing, get some physical therapy, and strengthen my core muscles through a single workout technique and I always suggest Pilates not because this is better than yoga or aerobics or zumba workouts but just because its outputs are core strengthening, physiotherapy, and improved breathing.

Initiated by a self starter, Joseph Pilates, who had breathing disease like asthma, autoimmune disorders like rheumatic fever, and rickets, Pilates has become one of the top choices of fitness enthusiasts.

A girl doing Pilates on exercise ball

Yes, you can conquer your shortness of breath with Pilates and also strengthen your core muscles. This is the reason why Pilates has been recommend by various physical medicine doctors as a second line of physical treatment.

Pilates Core Strengthening Mat Workout Video

It is also a true fact that if yoga gives your calmness, mental relaxation, centrology, better control over your brain and body parts than Pilates teaches you contrology and ability to maintain your body at difficult times. This is the reason why Pilates workout is also loved by martial art specialists.

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