Saturday, March 19, 2011

Throw Away Steroids - Start Aerobic Training

Winstrol is too toxic to liver. It is DHT, baldness, bad skin, bad odor, prostrate.

Don’t look into steroids just to lose some extra layers of fats.

If you don’t do aerobic training, nothing will work.

Try the following with frequent small meals

1. Get green tea extract if you can and take it everyday as recommended..

2. Fat burners (Ephedra free) with regular cardio.

3. ECA stack (ephedra, caffeine, aspirin) stack for cutting. Ephedrine (only use it if you could tolerate it), Aspirin, Caffeine (coffee doesn’t bother me, I m not sure about you).
More information on this stack is on other sites, it is proven to work...

4. Clenbuterol for a 14 day cycle, after 2 weeks of use it is useless.

Don’t try everything at once, just one at a time, try green tea at first, maybe that will do what you want.

Try doing a one arm pull up.

If you can do one, you don’t need steroids, just improve your diet to lose fats. @ 2lbs fats per week.

If you cannot do one, then take one year to do one or more one arm pull up. Once you do it, you are ready for a beginner cycle.

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