Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fitness Benefits of Twitter

You might be wondering that how stupid is this post or how stupid is the person who is writing this blog post, but when I will explain you the fitness benefits of twitter, you will stop thinking like this. Like many benefits of twitter, yes twitter has also got health and fitness benefits including:

1. Opening a twitter account and receiving updates on health and news on fitness and sports.
2. Getting in touch via twitter with people who are fitness enthusiasts.
3. Receiving tips via fitness friends on twitter regarding fitness exercises, diet, vitamins, supplements, etc.
4. Getting always on top of other fitness lovers in your office when it comes to sharing new information about fitness such as launch of a new fitness equipment, a newly discovered exercise routine, new fitness workout techniques, etc.

Now tell me if I am wrong in saying that there are fitness benefits of twitter.

Are you on twitter? What are the benefits of Twitter?

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